In Memoriam | January 2024

Stewart B. Ira | BSBA ’56 | 1931-2023 | Ira, of Femandina Beach, Florida, passed on December 30. He served overseas in the United States Army after graduating from the University of Florida. When he returned to Florida, he made a primary career in commercial real estate, though he later became involved in boatyard and yacht sales, reflecting his love for boating. Ira often took his wife and three daughters with him on boating trips and was a commodore of the Florida Yacht Club and an active member of the Commodore’s League.

Angelo C. Spicola | BSBA ’59 | 1937-2023 | Spicola, of Odessa, Florida, passed on December 13. After earning his business education from the University of Florida, he became president of Spicola Hardware Co. Later, he ventured into entrepreneurship and became CEO of Florida State Trade Shows, Inc. until his retirement, when he undertook more philanthropic endeavors like serving as president of the Ybor City Lions Club. Spicola spent a lot of time with his family, bringing his children and grandchildren with him to deliver teddy bears to children in hospitals and other charitable events. For his philanthropic contributions and civic mindedness, his community honored him with the Sam D. Leto Award in 2010.

Philip S. Slipock | BSBA ’65 | 1943-2023 | Slipock, of Ponce Inlet, Florida, passed on November 1. He earned his juris doctorate from the University of Miami after earning his business education at the University of Florida and became an SEC attorney. He also worked as a trusted financial consultant and owned Antique Wholesalers West, combining his personal passion for collecting antiques with his professional life. In Washington, DC and Los Angeles he gained renown for his collections of Maxfield Parrish prints, antique clocks and other items.

Mark L. Harper | BSBA ’80 | 1957-2023 | Harper, of Pensacola, Florida, passed on December 5. He remained an avid fan of the Florida Gators after graduating from the University of Florida. In his free time, he enjoyed engaging with his local church.