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5 reasons to get a specialized master’s online

Specializing your business education can help you stand out. Through specialized master’s programs, you can strengthen your knowledge in a specific field, and they also serve as a necessary resume builder as you look to climb the corporate ladder.

The Warrington College of Business has long offered these specialized master’s programs to provide students with an education tailored to the field they want to pursue. This fall, the College is making these programs more available to students around the world.

The Thomas S. Johnson Master of Science in Entrepreneurship program, Master of International Business program and Master of Science in Management program are available in fully online formats.

Here are five reasons why you should consider a specialized master’s online at Warrington:

1. No work experience required

The three programs are available to students who don’t have work experience.

While other graduate-level programs typically prefer students have work experience, these online specialized master’s programs don’t require it and offer immediate growth opportunities to students of all ages and experience levels. It also provides an opportunity to expand a student’s network by building relationships with classmates.

2. Flexibility

These programs are available from anywhere in the world. Students can graduate from the one-year programs without ever stepping foot on campus.

Classes are taught by the same world class faculty members that teach our on-campus programs, but they’re now accessible from any location. This means no disruption to your family or professional life.

3. Program fits everyone

Our online specialized master’s programs are perfect for you to gain knowledge and prepare for the next step in your career – no matter what that looks like.

If you’re a current undergraduate student, you can start the program before graduating with your undergraduate degree. Current UF online students can add the program to their course load and continue using a platform they’re already familiar with. It can also be used as a master’s program for working professionals that want to continue working while going to school.

It doesn’t matter where you are in your career, our online specialized master’s programs will set you up for success.

4. Prepare for your future

For current undergraduate students or students who just graduated, the program will help them stand out to recruiters as they seek full-time employment. As master’s degrees become more important to recruiters and hiring managers at businesses across the world, these programs make it as convenient as possible to add it to your resume while providing you with the experience, knowledge and tools to stand out after graduation.

Even for professionals who choose to enroll in a program while still working, they gain knowledge that is immediately transferable into their current careers and makes them more competitive for promotions in the future.

5. Warrington leads the way

The Warrington College of Business is a pioneer in online business education. The UF MBA Online program started in 1999 and continues to be ranked as one of the top programs in the world.

The same technology that makes it one of the most respected in the industry is available through our three online specialized master’s programs.

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