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Five reasons to attend the UF Executive MBA Virtual Open House

If you’ve been thinking about pursuing an MBA, you know there’s a lot for you to consider and even more questions that you want answered before you decide if the UF MBA Executive program is right for you. UF MBA’s Executive Virtual Open House on May 30 from 4-6 p.m. is the perfect event for you to get your questions answered, learn about UF MBA’s resources and how pursuing an MBA at the University of Florida can transform your career. Check out the top five reasons why you should attend the UF Executive MBA Virtual Open House.

  1. Transform your career and yourself

UF MBA prides itself on enabling transformation, no matter what that looks like for you. For some, it might be about jumpstarting a career change. For others, it might be about growing their expertise in a field they already work in and love. Whatever your goal is, UF MBA is strategically designed to help you succeed.

  1. Discover why the UF MBA Executive program is one of the best in the nation

UF MBA offers executives looking to learn among peer business leaders a superb environment in which to propel their career. Take it from Catisha Turner, Operations Manager at leading medical technology company RTI Surgical and Executive MBA Class of 2019, about how she benefitted from the UF MBA Executive program: “I leave this program knowing that…I am undoubtedly a stronger leader. Despite some initial fears, I know this program was the best fit for me because I was able to learn and excel in a group of my peers, bolster my business knowledge and professional potential, and develop connections that will benefit and inspire me for years to come.”

  1. Build important connections early

At the UF Executive MBA Virtual Open House, you’ll have the opportunity to meet deans, admissions officers, faculty, career services, alumni and others. You already know the importance of networking, so why not get a jumpstart and meet some of the people who will have your back during your transformational educational experience?

  1. Get all of your burning questions answered

Making the decision to pursue an MBA isn’t an easy one, but UF MBA is here to help ease the burden by answering any questions you have. No matter what step you’re at in the process, from just thinking about an MBA to submitting your application, the UF MBA team will be available at the Virtual Open House to help you gather all of the information you need before the application deadline.

  1. Meet your dedicated career coach

Whether you’re looking to make a career change or secure a promotion, the Business Career Services office’s integration throughout the UF MBA program provides students with tailored expert career guidance. The UF MBA Executive program’s dedicated career coach, Craig Petrus, will be there to support you while you’re identifying and pursuing opportunities that are an ideal fit.

If you haven’t already registered for the UF Executive MBA Open House, there’s still time! Register for the event today. You’ll be glad you did!