Dr. Brian Ray
Dr. Brian Ray, Director of the Heavener School of Business, is the recipient of the 2012-13 C. Arthur Sandeen “Improving the Quality of Life” Award.

Warrington’s undergraduate programs rank in top 20 among U.S. publics

GAINESVILLE, Fla. – The undergraduate programs in the Warrington College of Business Administration ranked 19th among U.S. public business schools in “Bloomberg Businessweek’s 2014 Ranking of Best Undergraduate Business Schools.”

Warrington’s undergraduate programs, which include The Heavener School of Business and the Fisher School of Accounting, ranked 44th overall, and was the only undergraduate business school in the state of Florida ranked in the overall top 50.

“Being ranked among the top 20 public undergraduate business programs in the nation is a testament to the outstanding quality of our faculty, students and professional development programs,” said Dr. Brian Ray, Director of the Heavener School of Business. “During the last five years, we have invested a great deal of time and resources developing a robust set of study abroad, leadership and career development programs for our talented undergraduates.”

The College was also recognized in several specialty categories. One of the College’s most impressive finishes was placing 12th overall (seventh among U.S. publics) in the corporate recruiter category. More than 300 employers responded to Bloomberg Businessweek’s survey which asked, “Which programs produce the best graduates?” Dr. Ray was especially pleased with this result.

“Prominent employers, as well as the nation’s top MBA programs, continue to be impressed with the quality of our graduates,” Dr. Ray said. “Each Warrington undergraduate is now required to take a course on professional writing or public speaking. Many wisely choose to take both. These experiential and professional communication requirements make a tremendous impact on our graduates, who in turn make a tremendous impact across a wide range of industries.”

The College placed 13th among U.S. publics in Academic Quality, which measures SAT scores and average class size among other factors. The College was also recognized for its notable average SAT score of 1286 (16th among U.S. publics). Also, the College received a grade of “A” in the Career Services/Job Placement category.

Bloomberg Businessweek surveyed graduating seniors, corporate recruiters and participating institutions measuring student satisfaction, post-graduation outcomes and academic quality, and combined these results with surveys from 2012 and 2013 to calculate each school’s 2014 final ranking.