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How a Master of International Business prepared this alumna for ALDI’s District Manager program

Iara Dircie (BABA, BA ’18, MIB ’19) is a graduate of the Master of International Business (MIB) program. Today, she is in ALDI’s District Manager training program. Read our interview with Iara to see how her master’s degree prepared her for her career. Q: Tell us something about yourself. Dircie: “I was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina and moved to Miami, Florida at the age of four. I attended a magnet middle and high school for theater and competed on a jump

Latinos in Business series highlights work of Heavener Associate Dean and Director Alex Sevilla

The Latino Business Speakers Bureau recently featured Dr. Alex Sevilla, associate dean and director of the Heavener School of Business. In the past year, the Heavener School has created a new career center for UF’s undergraduate business students, developed an innovative curricular focus on career and leadership skills, expanded its programs and offerings, and increased corporate engagement and recruitment on campus. Learn more about Dr. Sevilla’s work at UF as well as his personal journey in this interview.

Heavener student wins award from Executive Leadership Council for excellence in business commentary

Heavener School of Business student Jaden Baron (BSBA ’21) is among the winners of the Executive Leadership Council’s (ELC) 2020 Award for Excellence in Business Commentary. Sponsored by the Coca-Cola Foundation, the ELC Award for Excellence in Business Commentary is a scholarship program open to high achieving undergraduate Black students attending a four-year college or university. Baron, a finance major with dual minors in economics and sustainability studies, was selected as one of 12 awardees receiving a one-time scholarship ranging

New organization Black Students in Business provides professional development opportunities and community engagement

In June, the Black Lives Matter movement reached a boiling point that took an emotional toll on myself, my Black friends and family, and the country as a whole. As we watched these events unfold, JJ Oni (BSAc ’19, MAcc ’21) and I recognized the need for a community in the Warrington College of Business for students who were feeling these same emotions and facing the same hardships. Spurred by the killing of George Floyd and the ensuing unrest, we

Young Alumni Spotlight: Jade Skarda

Jade Mulvaney Skarda always looks forward to one specific part of her annual reviews at Deloitte. The review includes normal questions about performance and goals, but at the end, there’s always a question about what Deloitte refers to as “people contributions,” an important part of its evaluation process. It focuses on how employees are investing in others and building up employees in the organization. It doesn’t come natural for many, but for Skarda (BSBA ’16, MS-ISOM ’17), it’s a passion

Heavener School of Business remains among top 15 public programs in U.S. News rankings

GAINESVILLE, Fla. – The Heavener School of Business was ranked No. 14 among publics on U.S. News & World Report’s “2021 Best Undergraduate Business Programs” rankings released Monday, September 14. The Heavener School ranked in the No. 24 position among all U.S. undergraduate programs. It continues to be the highest-ranking undergraduate business program in the state of Florida, the No. 1 ranked state for higher education. U.S. News & World Report also reported on Monday that for the fourth year

The biggest education company you’ve never heard of

Warrington alumnus Ethan Fieldman (BSBA ’03) shares about his journey from tutor at UF to starting Study Edge, which now serves a million students a month and has contracts with some 700 universities. Learn more about Fieldman and how his company facilitates learning for college and high school students in this story from Forbes. 

Despite COVID-19, Heavener students gain experience interning remotely with international companies

While the COVID-19 pandemic halted international travel, students in the Heavener School of Business who were already slated to complete summer internships with international companies didn’t let it stop them from gaining valuable experience in their chosen fields. We asked four students who completed their internships from their hometowns across Florida with companies based in England and Spain to share their experiences, what they learned, what challenges they faced and how they overcame those challenges. Read on to see how

6 tips for success in your online courses

Let’s address the elephant in the room – this fall at the UF Warrington College of Business is going to look a little different than what you’re used to. The majority of Warrington students will be taking courses online, and we know that’s a scary thought to a lot of you.   Like most things that make us uneasy, there’s a simple solution to tackling changes that scare us the most – being prepared. In order to help you prepare

Prepared for opportunity

Dave Carmany’s business studies started long before he came to the University of Florida. The Central Florida-native watched his father build the family custom label printing business, Consolidated Label, from the ground up and had even worked there in his high school years. While Carmany (BSBA ’97) envisioned eventually returning to the family business after gaining a few years of outside experience, the internet revolution quickly changed his plans, many would say, for the better. “In 1995, the internet hit,