Emily Damron

Uniting for excellence | Emily Damron

After enrolling in the UF MBA program, Emily Damron wanted to make sure all students felt welcomed on the Warrington campus. Today, she makes sure that happens while serving as the Vice President of Diversity and Inclusion for the MBA Association.

“Diversity and inclusion is something I’ve always been passionate about,” Damron said. “Since undergrad, I’ve been involved in organizations that valued that. I’ve had such a wonderful experience at UF that I wanted to get involved in something that made sure everybody felt empowered and supported as part of UF. I felt like it was a way I could make my mark in the short time that I’m here.”

Damron sees on a daily basis why it’s important. Students in UF MBA cohorts work side-by-side and have built strong networks from their time in the program. It’s important to make sure every student feels welcomed in those situations.

“I definitely feel like I’m part of a community here at Warrington,” Damron said. “The UF MBA program is so small, and you get to know your cohort immediately. You come in and do all your classes with the same people in the cohort, and you get to know each other very quickly. Eventually, we ended up spending all of our free time together as well. That has been my favorite part of being here – the community feel.

“Within a program like MBA, we learn as much from each other as we do in the classroom. It’s so important to have a variety of backgrounds and experiences.”

She has accepted a position as Associate Digital Product Manager at Lowe’s after completing an internship with the company in the same role.

Damron is originally from Huntington, West Virginia. She received her undergraduate degree from the University of Kentucky in integrated strategic communication.

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