Juliette Brito

Uniting for excellence | Juliette Brito

Juliette Brito (BSBA ’19, MSF ’20) always loved her math courses in school. When she came to the University of Florida Warrington College of Business, she knew she wanted to continue to hone her skills in the subject.

“In high school, math was the subject that I really exceeded and thrived in,” she said. “Once I really got into my major [of finance] I realized that there were endless opportunities and it was [a subject] that I could really build upon.”

Originally born in Havana, Cuba, Brito grew up in Miami and always knew UF was the place she wanted to attend college.

“I knew UF had such an amazing reputation,” she said. “Even now, we’re the number eight public school in the United States.”

Thanks to the Machen Florida Opportunity Scholars program, Brito was able to achieve her dream of going to college, the first in her family to do so.

“I was very lucky to get the Machen Florida Opportunity Scholarship, which gave me a full-ride to the University of Florida,” she said. “I couldn’t turn that down!”

Since coming to UF, Brito has been involved in a number of student organizations, including starting her own called Latin American Women in Business. Brito also was able to make her first trip to Europe during a study abroad trip to Florence, Italy, which she describes as an ‘opportunity of a lifetime.’

“I would recommend [studying abroad] for everyone because it opens your eyes, learning and seeing firsthand a culture that is not your own,” she said.

Brito credits the opportunities she’s had at the Warrington College of Business with enabling her to gain confidence and be prepared in her career search.

“From my first semester here, I said, ‘Wow, I’m in great hands,’ because there are so many opportunities,” she said. “When I compare myself to other students [at different universities], I’m very grateful to come to this school because I see that there are a lot of great resources that we should all be taking advantage of.”

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