Anna Chebotava

MS Marketing Student Spotlight: Anna Chebotava

Anna Chebotava graduates this semester from the MS Marketing program. After graduation, she anticipates continuing her career in marketing and analytics.

Q: What is your background?

Chebotava: “Hi! I’m Anna Chebotova, currently diving into the world of marketing as an MS Marketing student at UF. My story starts in the beautiful city of Saint Petersburg in Russia. Saint Petersburg, known as the most populated city in the northern reaches of the world, is renowned for its enchanting ‘White Nights’ – a time when the sun barely sets, casting a twilight that lasts through the night.

“While earning my bachelor’s in international business and management from NRU Higher School of Economics, I had the amazing opportunity to spend a semester at Pantheon-Sorbonne University in Paris. This experience opened my eyes to the intricate world of marketing and led me to pursue further studies in this vibrant field.”

Q: Why did you choose the MS Marketing program?

Chebotava: “In my final year of undergrad, I had the incredible opportunity to work with Mars Inc. as a digital and media marketing specialist. This experience was a deep dive into the marketing world of a global corporation, and it solidified my passion for this industry. Seeking a program that would sharpen my skills and deepen my understanding, I discovered the MS Marketing program at the Warrington College of Business. What caught my attention were the accomplished professors and the chance to engage in meaningful discussions about the latest industry trends. Particularly, Dr. Alan Cooke and Dr. Michael Carrillo’s insights and guidance have been instrumental in making my learning experience here at UF truly exceptional.”

Q: Tell us about your experience in the MS Marketing program.

Chebotava: “In the MS Marketing program, I’ve had the privilege of connecting with incredibly talented students from around the globe, each fueled by their ambitious career goals. The diversity of experiences and backgrounds has been a rich source of learning for me. Warrington has proven to be an ideal hub for networking, and I’m confident that the bonds formed here will extend well beyond graduation.”

Q: What are your professional career plans after graduation?

Chebotava: “As my graduation nears, I’m gearing up to plunge into the marketing world, particularly focusing on digital and media marketing, as well as data analytics. The digital transformation excites me, and I see immense potential for companies adept at harnessing data-driven strategies. Five years down the line, I aim to have deepened my expertise in marketing analytics and to continue evolving with the industry’s best practices.”

Q: What is your advice to incoming international students?

Chebotava: “Being an international student isn’t always easy, especially when you’re miles away from family and friends. My advice? Dive into something that captivates you. UF is brimming with clubs and activities – from language to business to sports. Personally, joining the Russian Language Club was a game-changer for me. It was like finding a little piece of home on campus.”

Q: Tell us about your home country.

Chebotava: “Russia is a land of stark contrasts and immense beauty. Known for its rich cultural heritage, it is a country where the arts, literature and music have flourished for centuries. From the bustling streets of Moscow to the serene landscapes of Siberia, Russia offers a unique blend of modernity and deep-rooted traditions, of which I am deeply proud.”

Q: What do you miss about your home country?

Chebotava: “Like many international students, what I miss most about Russia is the local cuisine. Finding authentic Slavic dishes in Gainesville, similar to those I grew up with, is quite a challenge. However, this has turned into a silver lining, as it gives me the perfect reason to come together with friends for cooking sessions, recreating a taste of home.”

Q: Tell us a cool fact about yourself.

Chebotava: “Traveling is my passion – I’ve explored 23 countries and lived in four of them, including Russia, France, Italy and the USA. My journey isn’t over yet; my travel bucket list is ever-growing, and I dream of intertwining this passion with my professional life someday.”