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Elizabeth Early

Warrington marketing senior named Retail Student of the Year

Elizabeth Early has been recognized as the Retail Student of the Year for 2022-23. As a senior at the University of Florida, her goal was to give back to the school that shaped her into who she has become. Early

Priyanka Pahuja in front of a cherry blossom tree in bloom

International Student Spotlight: Priyanka Pahuja

Priyanka Pahuja is an international student, here from Pakistan to study in the MS Marketing Program at UF. Q: What is your background? Pahuja: “I was born and raised in Karachi, Pakistan. I’m the only girl child and have 2

Yuanying "Mona" Mo

International Student Spotlight: Yuanying Mo

Yuanying “Mona” Mo is an international student from China. She is graduating from the MS Marketing Program this year. Q: What is your background? Mo: “Hi! My name is Yuanying Mo and I go by Mona. I will graduate with

Melissa Van Keuren

Veteran’s Day Student Spotlight: Melissa Van Keuren

Melissa Van Keuren shares her experiences of serving in the Navy and why she decided to join the MS Marketing program. Q: Tell us about yourself. What is your background? Van Keuren: “My hometown is Pittsgrove, New Jersey. My bachelor’s

Carolyn Kosuch

Transfer Student Spotlight: Carolyn Kosuch

Carolyn Kosuch is a current student in the Master of Science in Marketing (MS-Marketing) program. In this interview, she shares about her experience transferring from Santa Fe College to Warrington. Q: Tell us about your time at Santa Fe College.

Laurie Rodriguez

MS-Marketing Student Spotlight: Laurie Rodriguez

Laurie Rodriguez is a current student in the Master of Science in Marketing program. She shares why she decided to further her education in marketing, what she’ll be doing with Pepsi after graduation and about the small business she shares

Jinwook Hur

MS-Marketing Student Spotlight: Jinwook Hur

Jinwook Hur is a current student in the Master of Science in Marketing program. He shares why he chose the MS-Marketing program, his future plans and advice for other students interested in pursuing a graduate degree in marketing. Q: Tell

Homar Ali with a large KPMG sign

Check out where Heavener students are interning this summer

This summer, students from across the Heavener School of Business gained real-world experience through internships with global and local companies. Internships and externships, where students can gain the same hands-on work experience in a remote learning environment, are a critical

Jing Jingyao Ou

MS-Marketing Student Spotlight: Jing “Jingyao” Ou

Jing “Jingyao” Ou is a current student in the Master of Science in Marketing program. She shares why she chose to pursue her graduate degree in marketing, what she’s planning to do after graduation and her favorite memory from her

A group of three women and two men pose for a photo in business suits.

Five honored with Warrington’s teaching, advising awards

GAINESVILLE, Fla. – The UF Warrington College of Business is proud to announce its five winners of its annual Teaching/Advising Awards. Dennis DiPasquale is the recipient of the Undergraduate Teaching Award and Larah Doyle and Allison Gatsche are the recipients