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Maria Oxapampa on the beach at sunset.

MS Marketing Student Spotlight: Maria Tudelo-Proano

Maria Tudelo-Proano is graduating from the MS Marketing program this summer. She shares how the program has supplemented her previous work experience to further her career. Q: What is your background? Tudelo-Proano: “I studied business administration at the University of Lima.

Danielle Forbes stands in the snow.

MS Marketing Student Spotlight: Danielle Forbes

Danielle Forbes is graduating from the MS Marketing program this summer. She shares how the program helped her find her dream job. Q: What is your background? Forbes: “I was born and raised in Florida and grew up in Jacksonville

Olivia Dorsky

MS Marketing Student Spotlight: Olivia Dorsky

Olivia Dorsky is graduating this summer from the MS Marketing combination program. After graduation, she will move out of state to begin her career in marketing. Q: What is your background? Dorsky: “My name is Olivia and I am from

Student stands next to company sign.

Heavener students take on the heat with summer internships

This summer, students from across the Heavener School of Business are gaining real-world experience through internships with global and international companies. Internships and externships, where students can gain the same hands-on work experience in a remote learning environment, are a

Austin Fletcher

Graduating Student Spotlight: Austin Fletcher

Austin Fletcher graduates this semester from the MS Marketing program. He shares his background and memories at UF, along with advice for incoming MS Marketing students.  Q: Tell us about yourself.  Fletcher: “My name is Austin Fletcher and I was

Young man wearing headphones looking at a computer while doing school work.

7 reasons why you should get an MS Marketing online

If you’re looking to stand out from the crowd as you’re applying for jobs, a specialized master’s degree is a great way to give your resume and skill set a boost. An MS Marketing degree from the University of Florida

University of Florida new online MS marketing and MS business analytics. Background image of a young woman with red hair sitting at a computer.

UF Warrington adds marketing and business analytics to online master’s degree program options

GAINESVILLE, Fla. – The Warrington College of Business at the University of Florida is expanding its specialized master’s degree program offerings to include two new fully online versions. Starting in the fall of 2023, students can pursue an MS in

Zoe Fernandez

MS Marketing Student Spotlight: Zoë Fernandez

Zoë Fernandez is anticipating beginning her career at Macy’s after graduating with her MS Marketing degree this summer. We asked her to share how the MS Marketing program has prepared her for this role. Q: Tell us about yourself. Fernandez: “I

Sarah Desire

Graduating Student Spotlight: Sarah Desire

Sarah Desire will graduate this spring from the MS Marketing program. We asked her to share with us what aspects of the MS Marketing program have been most valuable to her and how the program is helping her achieve her

Warrington's 2023 Teaching/Advising Award winners (from left) Lena Rabe, Michelle Bloom-Lugo, Michael Ricci and Robert Emerson.

Meet the 2022-2023 teaching, advising award winners

The UF Warrington College of Business is proud to announce its four winners of its annual Teaching/Advising Awards. Robert Emerson is the recipient of the Undergraduate Teaching Award and Michelle Bloom is the recipient of the Undergraduate Advising Award. On