Roger Trujillo with his parents.

MS Marketing Student Spotlight: Roger Trujillo

Roger Trujillo is a current student in the MS Marketing program. He comes to the program with work experience in the hospitality and real estate industries.

Roger TrujilloQ: Can you tell us about your personal journey and heritage?

Trujillo: “I am lucky that I grew up surrounded by such a unique and vibrant culture as a Hispanic. It was an upbringing filled with colorful contrasts. Laughter, compliments and being neighborly was the norm. It was not unusual for one coworker to bring ‘un cafecito’ while another brought snacks for their colleagues. A kiss hello [and] a kiss goodbye was expected. It taught me a lot about perspective and empathy.”

Q: What aspects of your culture are you most proud of?

Trujillo: “We have such enviable ‘joie de vivre,’ which allows us to make the best out of any situation. Also, I love how family-oriented Hispanic culture can be. Hispanic individuals are gregarious and welcoming, treating you like family from the moment you’ve met them, and always willing to help out in any way they can.”

Q: Any role models who have inspired your or shaped your aspirations?

Trujillo: “Without trying to sound corny, my biggest Hispanic role models would be my family. My grandparents: for emigrating and starting anew. My parents: my dad, for teaching me the value of hard work and always giving my best; my mom, for teaching me to keep an open mind and to not be afraid of showing my emotions. My brother: the biggest lesson in resilience through joy.”

Q: Do you have any advice for other students who may be navigating the challenges of education and finding their place?

Trujillo: “Whatever challenge we may be facing will ultimately be its own reward because it makes us grow as a person. Don’t worry about finding your place. Life has many ebbs and flows and, like a river, eventually life itself will guide you to where you’re supposed to be. Just make sure to enjoy the ride. Trust me, as someone who’s still figuring it out, the ebbs and flows are what makes life fun.”

Roger Trujillo with his family and friends holding musical instruments.

Q: Tell us a cool fact about you.

Trujillo: “I enjoy boating and being on the water. Growing up, my family and I would spend our summers in a paradisiac archipelago in Venezuela. Nowadays, I enjoy spending the day away anchored on a sandbar in Miami with friends and family.”