Martha Coro

MSM Student Spotlight: Martha Coro

Martha Coro is a current student in the Master of Science in Management (MSM) program. We spoke with her about why she decided to join the program, her advice for others interested in the MSM, the number of countries she’s visited and more.

Martha Coro jumps in front of a University of Florida sign.

Q: Tell us about yourself.  

Coro: “I was born in the beautiful country of Mexico and was blessed with a Cuban father. When my family decided to move to the United States, we landed in Miami, Florida, where my American education began at a young age. We later moved up to Jacksonville, Florida, where I took advantage of the sacrifice my parents had made to give me a better future. I graduated with my IB Diploma and was recognized by the school board as Youth Volunteer of the Year for obtaining 2,000+ volunteer hours in my community. Later, I received my Bachelor of the Arts in English Literature and Language, with a minor in criminal justice at the University of North Florida.”

Q: Why did you join the MSM program?

Coro: “I knew from a young age that I would be pursuing higher education because I watched my mother work hard for her Juris Doctorate and I looked up to her. She instilled in me the power of education and knowledge, but she also made it clear that I should never choose a degree I am not passionate about. I joined the MSM program because I had a vision. What can I do with my transferable skills and background to make a difference in the world? When doing research on this specialized master’s degree, I was filled with joy because I had found the bridge to fill the gap between my background and my vision. The MSM program has opened a world of possibilities for me.

Q: What advice do you have for those interested in the MSM program?

Coro: “If you are thinking about joining the MSM program, chances are that a part of you is curious to know where it could take you. Whether you know exactly what you want to do career-wise or not, the MSM program and the resources surrounding it are eye opening. Visit the MSM program office and speak to an advisor, ask to speak with other MSM students who are willing to give their testimonials, and know that it is never too early to invest in your future by attending events and taking the time to network with grad students and faculty. My mom always says, ‘If you pursue something with passion, you are sentenced to life with success.’”

Q: What do you like most about the MSM program?

Coro: “The core classes you are required to take in the MSM program are fascinating because the professors tailor their curriculum in a way that makes it feel natural to non-business background students without removing the difficulty of the material. In other words, you are treated exactly like the rest and come out with professional knowledge in management. Another thing I appreciate about the MSM program is that we get to choose a good number of electives that are in different realms of business management. I have taken classes ranging from Employment Law to Entrepreneurial Consulting. Between your core courses and your electives, you will meet courteous and incredibly intelligent professors who want to see you succeed.”

Martha Coro dressed in winter clothes in front of a snowy mountain range.

Q: What else are you involved with at the University of Florida?

Coro: “Involving myself in organizations and activities here at the Hough Graduate School of Business has been rewarding because I constantly meet students from different backgrounds, and I get to work with amazing staff. Currently, I am the Director of Diversity and Inclusion for the Hough Ambassadors Program where my committee members and I work hard to bring events for our student body. Events include but are not limited to: International Festivals, Cultural Dinner Nights, and various professional events that are being coordinated for the Fall 2022 semester. Additionally, I am the Program Coordinator of the Hough Career Fellows which is a merit-based program for our graduate students to gain benefits when attending various career fairs, coffee chats, and more.”

Q: What are you planning to do after graduation?

Coro: “Before I joined the MSM program, I was limited on my career choices. Now, I am fiercely looking forward to all the possibilities in the horizon. Knowing I have the tools and the knowledge to pursue anything I set my mind to is incredibly motivating. I see myself working somewhere in South Florida, putting everything I have learned to great use. I have also contemplated opening a business of my own though I am waiting for the brilliant idea to make an appearance in my life. The goals are endless, and I know that I am being prepared to face the challenges that may arise.”

Q: Tell us a cool fact about you.

Coro: “I have been blessed to be able to travel and experience over 18 countries! My passion for food and culture are a result of so much traveling. I really enjoy cooking recipes from different countries and learning about various cultures and traditions.”