Elizabeth Early

Warrington marketing senior named Retail Student of the Year

Elizabeth Early has been recognized as the Retail Student of the Year for 2022-23. As a senior at the University of Florida, her goal was to give back to the school that shaped her into who she has become. Early admits that as a freshman, she had no idea where her studies or skills would take her, but what was always apparent was the endless support that was offered not only by UF, but by its people. As she experiences her final year as a student, Early hopes to be a resource for those who are growing personally and professionally by sharing wisdom she gained from her experiences.

Early is a marketing student, pursuing both a bachelor’s and a master’s in the Combined Degree program. Within her time as a business student, she was introduced to the Miller Retail Center and the endless opportunities within retail. Her curiosity for the industry led her to a pivotal professional experience this past summer, working as a Corporate Marketing and Planning Intern at Dick’s Sporting Goods. There, she gained hands-on experience in retail and the strategies that are used to market products to consumers. This internship greatly influenced her career goals, and she is ecstatic to return to Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, to work full-time at the company following her graduation in May 2023. Her love for retail grew tremendously through this experience and motivated her to accept the offer from Dick’s Sporting Goods.

Early currently serves as a member of the Miller Retail Center’s Student Advisory Board and as a Campus Captain for Dick’s Sporting Goods. Working on the Retail Center’s Student Advisory Board has allowed her to share her story and passion for retail with both professionals and students. As a Campus Captain for Dick’s Sporting Goods, she takes advantage of the opportunity to share her experiences at Dick’s Sporting Goods with students who wish to pursue a similar career or opportunity.