Benedikt Stocker

Student Spotlight: Benedikt Stocker

Benedikt Stocker is a current student in the Master of Science in Management (MSM) program. The international student, originally from Germany, explains why he chose the MSM program, what he likes most at UF and his championship-winning dance team.

Q: Tell us about yourself.

Stocker: “I am an international student in the MSM program at the Warrington College of Business. Originally, I am from Germany where I studied computer science in media at the Ulm University. During my free time, I love to dance and attend open classes. I do sometimes miss my family back home in Germany, but we keep up as much as possible through FaceTime.”

Q: Why did you decide to come to the University of Florida? What is the best thing about being at UF/Gainesville?

Stocker: “I decided to join UF because the school has an amazing reputation, the campus is beautiful and, of course, the weather is a welcome change compared to the colder climate back home. So far, the best thing about being at UF has to be the great community here! I instantly connected with people in my program and made a lot of new friends who I am very grateful for.”

Benedikt Stocker and three female friends dressed in traditional German outfits inside of a pub.

Q: What was the most difficult process/thing in getting to where you are today ?

Stocker: “In my opinion, there was not one thing/milestone that was difficult to overcome but the challenge is rather to be persistent and to keep going. I believe that the pursuit of my education at Ulm University and at UF will allow me to follow my dreams, drive innovation during my career and set me up for success. This drive to continue on my path is also heavily promoted by the amazing support of my family and my friends from back home and at UF.”

Q: Tell us about your home country.

Stocker: “Germany is an amazing country that has very beautiful cities and landscapes. I have to admit that I haven’t travelled as much as I should have domestically, and that is definitely something I will catch up on when I’m visiting home. Additionally, Germans know how to brew great beer which is something I do miss about home – sorry America. One tradition that Germany is known for is definitely the Oktoberfest, but many more traditions, like carnival in Cologne or wine festivals in Palatinate, take place all over Germany. I am already making plans with my American friends to travel to Germany and show them the diverse culture Germany has to offer.”

Q: What do you miss the most about your home country?

Stocker: “I wouldn’t say that I miss anything specific about Germany, but I definitely miss the people that are there. Being away from family and friends, without an easy way to see them in person has been a different experience for me that I haven’t had yet. While technology is helping bridge the geographical gap, there is nothing like seeing close friends and family in person, and I am very excited to travel back home over the Christmas holidays.”

Q: What other languages do you speak? What other countries have you been to?

Stocker: “I actually only speak English and German. While I have taken French in school, I have to admit that I would not consider myself being able to speak the language. Other than the U.S. and Germany, I have visited a few countries around Europe. My family and I usually visit Austria during the Easter holidays, and I’ve also been to Croatia, Greece, and Spain, to name some.”

Q: Tell us something really cool about yourself.

Stocker: “I was part of a dance group called ‘Tanztreu’ and won the European championship in dance with them.”