Danielle Shu, Future Business Leaders of America
Danielle Shu (right) finished sixth in the nation in the Desktop Publishing category at last year's Future Business Leaders of America-Phi Beta Lambda national conference. Shu and six fellow UF students will compete in this year's national competition beginning today.

Student Spotlight: Danielle Shu

Some of America’s best and brightest future business leaders will be on display this weekend at the Future Business Leaders of America-Phi Beta Lambda national conference in Atlanta. Among them will be University of Florida students Rachel Behrmann, Bella Gonzalez, Steven Hollis, Tyler Kolota, Hanah Loya, Danna Regnier, and Danielle Shu.

Shu has been a member of FBLA-PBL since 2009, and serves as the organization’s State Collegiate Vice President for District 2. Learn more about Danielle, why she believes FBLA-PBL is an important organization for business students, and how she thinks UF will fair this weekend.

Name: Danielle Shu

Hometown: Ocoee, Tenn.

Major: General Business Studies – Specialization in Mass Communication

Minor: Leadership, Innovation, Mass Communication Studies

Year: Senior

Student Organizations (include leadership positions, if applicable):

Future Business Leaders of America – Phi Beta Lambda – State of Florida Vice President (District 2); Heavener Business Ethics Ambassadors; Warrington Welcome – Peer Leader; Heavener Leadership Challenge Alumna

Why did you choose to attend UF and Warrington?

UF has always been my dream school. Even in a town where everyone was a future Tennessee Vol, I was always prideful wearing my Florida Gators t-shirt. I decided to go to UF because I felt I could be challenged and learn everything I need to get ahead in the real world. When I first visited the university and met with a few business advisors during Preview, I knew I made the right choice  because of how accepting and caring the staff and students have been.

Why did you decide to major in General Business?

I came into UF loving business and advertising. I felt with a major in General Business I can not only get a mix of everything here at the business school, but I can also pursue a specialization in Mass Communications that could complement my skills in advertising.

How has Warrington impacted you?

Warrington has become a second family. Being around so many other business students, who are as motivated in their studies and involved with the community, challenged me to live a more positive life.

What has been your favorite experience or memory so far at Warrington?

My favorite experience at Warrington so far is tabling for FBLA-PBL at Business Bash this past Spring. Being able to talk to so many business students, and occasionally run into students who were in FBLA in high school is quite amazing. Some of my closest friendships started with tabling and convincing students to come to a PBL meeting. Plus our table featured brand new PBL swag and an awesome Star Wars theme!

Why did you get involved with Future Business Leaders of America-Phi Beta Lambda?

In high school, I joined FBLA-PBL’s high school division as a class requirement. After my first competition in Public Speaking, I was hooked. Having the chance to enhance your strengths and compete against other students across the state and nation is my kind of fun. Eight years later, I am here at UF continuing my journey with FBLA-PBL as a state officer. You can take the girl out of FBLA-PBL but you can’t take FBLA-PBL out of the girl.

Why should UF students get involved with Future Business Leaders of America-Phi Beta Lambda?

FBLA-PBL provides a lot of benefits! Our biggest benefit is the chance to practice your skills in over 50 competitions. You can compete against other schools in the state and even the nation. The competitions are great to put on your resume, and great speaking topics in interviews. I can go on all day about how great FBLA-PBL is – make sure you check out our website to learn all about the organization and the officers.

What are your expectations for the UF team at the national competition?

I believe we should perform extremely well! I went with all of the national competitors to the Pre-NLC (a state event that all national competitors from Florida join to prepare for nationals), and there have been nothing but glowing reviews and feedback from the judges. This is a great year not only for UF, but for the entire state of Florida!

Tell us about your most recent internship or study abroad experience.

My post recent internship was with Trimark Properties as a Real Estate Photographer. I was challenged with my time management skills, and developed not only my photography skills, but program knowledge in Adobe Suite and other programs that make the amazing pictures on the website possible. I was offered a job as the head photographer for Trimark after my internship and I still work there today!

What are your current career plans?

My current career path is gaining experience in marketing and advertising, and have an art director position in an advertising firm where I also have a hand in observing marketing campaigns. With my internship with 352 Media Group, I was able to get a taste of how marketing campaigns are run, and I knew this was something I wanted to do.

What advice would you give incoming students?

Reach out! This can be interpreted in two ways: 1. UF can be challenging – if you need help, ask! 2. Reach out to different organizations. You also don’t need to be in every club we offer! Choose organizations where you feel welcomed and can say with confidence you enjoy being there.

Tell us something about yourself that most people don’t know.

I took 12 years of choir in school before going to college. I just pretend I can’t sing in public unless it’s karaoke.

How do you spend your time when not studying?

Wednesdays, you can find me at Trivia Night at Gators Dockside. All other times I’m usually singing on a phone app or watching Netflix with friends.

If you had a million dollars, how would you spend it?

I would take care of bills for my aunt, uncle, and cousin, and I. Then, I’d put enough away for retirement. The rest of the money would be donated to organizations like FBLA-PBL to ensure students can attend conferences for free (middle, high school and college level), American Heart Association, American Cancer Society, and America Diabetes Association.

What song has been stuck in your head recently?

Can’t Feel My Face – The Weeknd (this is only because I went to the dentist and this song fits way too perfectly).

Which social media platform could you not live without?