Sophia Castellanos poses in front of Big Ben clocktower.

Student Spotlight: Sophia Castellanos

Sophia Castellanos currently studies business administration, and is looking forward to an internship at Disney this summer. In her education and career, she aims to “chomp through the glass ceiling,” working for equality among genders in the workplace.

Sophia Castellanos

Q: Who is a woman in business you admire?

Castellanos: “A woman in business I admire is Natacha Rafalski, the current President of Disneyland Paris. I am inspired by Natacha because of her efforts to tackle inequality in the workplace. In December 2022, Natacha signed the Corporate Parenting Charter which provides greater support to employees with children. And in March, Disneyland Paris received a 99/100 on the Gender Equality Index because of the policies they implemented to reduce the pay gap and ensure equal access for promotions. I am excited to see what Natacha does with the expansion of the Walt Disney Studios Park in France!”

Q: Tell us about your experience with FWIB. How can it help young professionals?

Castellanos: “Florida Women in Business (FWIB) is an amazing organization that provides an empowering environment for women in the business school. I currently work as the Director of Professional Development and my goal is to share career resources, host workshops and create initiatives aimed at helping our members chomp through the glass ceiling! We also offer company presentations at our general body meetings, service events, socials and a mentor/mentee program. I encourage anyone to come check out FWIB and build a network of supportive women!”

Sophia Castellanos poses with a colleague

Q: What kind of work are you doing with the Uncap Opportunities for Women Project?

Castellanos: “Through UF’s Enactus chapter, I had the chance to work as a Student Consultant on the Uncap Opportunities for Women Project (UNCAP). UNCAP provides consulting services to small businesses owned by women in the Gainesville community. We took a different client each year and it was a very eye-opening and hands-on experience to see women building their own businesses. It was great seeing our clients grow throughout the year and I learned so much about the importance of sustainability, impact and collaboration!”

Q: What are your post-graduation career plans?

Castellanos: “This upcoming summer, I will be working at Disney as a Strategy & Analytics Intern. I am on the Cast Engagement & DEI team and am excited to work on long-term projects that will empower others and create magic! After I graduate from UF, I hope to stay working in an Analytics role with a focus on creating a sustainable impact and then later earn an MBA.”