MBA student Latrice Jones with Microsoft sign
Latrice Jones is spending her summer interning at Microsoft in Seattle.

Take a look at where UF MBA students are interning this summer

As summer continues, UF MBA students spend their time gaining valuable experience interning for prestigious companies across the nation. With these internships, students put their learning into practice at some of the world’s most respected brands.

Check out where some of our UF MBA students are interning, what they hope to get out of their experience and what they’ve learned in their internships.

Jordan Johnson

Jordan Johnson is interning at Procter & Gamble in Cincinnati.

Jordan Johnson – MBA ‘24

Internship: Senior Finance Manager | Procter & Gamble | Cincinnati, Ohio

Internship Goal: “I hope to learn and become comfortable in the modern business setting. More importantly, I want to polish my skills, from practical finance knowledge to general business acumen and leadership. I want to use these to be successful in the upcoming school year, but also to smoothly transition to a company after graduation, providing useful insights and knowledge to start strong in my new position. Another important aspect is building a strong network and support system. This is important for any business setting, and this summer, I can build a strong network to be successful in the future.”

What I’ve learned from my internship: “I have learned so much. My MBA program has prepared me so well to be successful this summer, but there is nothing like actually being at the company and utilizing your skills and knowledge. The experience has been great and eye-opening. I am polishing my leadership and communication skills every day. Additionally, I am learning how to use practical finance and analysis skills to make an impact on my company. Every company operates differently, and I have learned how my current company continues to be successful. This internship has been great to learn how business leaders around me have succeeded in their careers. Internships are great opportunities to learn from them since everyone is so eager to pass their knowledge to the new intern. I have learned so much, but the most important thing I have found is that it never stops. To be successful in business, you have to keep moving forward and take opportunities and learn from others.”

Latrice Jones

Latrice Jones is spending her summer interning at Microsoft in Seattle.

Latrice Jones – MBA ‘24

Internship: HR Compensation Consulting Intern | Microsoft | Seattle, Washington

Internship Goal: “As someone who is switching careers, I hope to better understand Human Resources (HR) and the different roles within the HR function. Additionally, before starting my internship, I had an idea that my long-term career aspiration would be to work in Total Rewards/Compensation. Thankfully, my internship is with the Compensation Consulting team and I’m able to learn more about the work of a compensation professional.”

What I’ve learned from my internship: “The most important thing that I’ve learned so far is that I can be myself at Microsoft. The company really values authenticity and bringing your whole self to work. Many companies say they want you to be yourself at work but don’t provide an environment for you to truly be who you are and Microsoft is the opposite of that. Microsoft has a culture of inclusiveness and I’m able to show up and be me without fear or feelings of being judged. Another lesson that I’ve learned is the importance of being curious and creating impact. Being curious about my work, about the work of others on my team and the work of people who aren’t necessarily in my function is important for growth. Creating impact by delivering high quality work but also through collaboration has also been in an important lesson learned. Finally, I’m learning a lot about HR and Compensation, which is what I came to Microsoft to do.”

Kevin Campbell

Kevin Campbell is Houston for the summer, working with Bain & Company.

Kevin Campbell – MBA ‘24

Internship: Summer Associate | Bain & Company | Houston, Texas

Internship Goal: “I plan on learning more of the consulting toolbox, learning how to communicate both up and down, to leadership as well as to younger consultants. Most importantly, I plan to learn about the industry and how I can most be useful in the space. I am also incredibly excited to be in the Private Equity Group – a space that allows me to consult in an area adjacent to my past career experience, solving complex problems for incredible clients.”

What I’ve learned from my internship: “I have learned that I enjoy the industry and that, in consulting, the team you get staffed on is highly predictive of the experience you have. I am incredibly lucky to have wonderful people on my team (shout out to team MT). Another important thing that I not so much learned but solidified is that Bain & Company truly cares about diversity in the workplace and how the modern political climate affects us. To put it simply, Bain cares about their people.”

Iris Bessey

Iris Bessey is spending her summer interning at Toyota in Plano.

Iris Bessey – MBA ‘24

Internship: Product Planning & Strategy Intern | Toyota | Plano, Texas

Internship Goal: “I came into this internship hoping to learn hard skills related to market research and understand how strategic business decisions are made at a high level at a major company, particularly in such a quickly changing industry.”

What I’ve learned from my internship: “I’ve learned so much about Toyota culture. I’ve learned they value consensus-building, built-in mentorship and continuous improvement. Additionally, I’ve built a better storytelling ability. With the opportunity to present to executives, I’ve learned to craft a presentation in a way that paints a clear picture. I’ve learned that as a consumer, I have insights into what’s valuable in a product. It’s not all about expertise, but a desire to learn how to turn consumer needs into product and experience features.”


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