David Florez

Warrington combination degrees: Master of International Business

Master of International Business student David Florez answers questions about what it’s like to be a combination degree student, what he’s learned in his master’s program and making the transition from the Heavener School of Business to the Hough Graduate School of Business.


Q. What was your major as an undergraduate student?

A. “My undergraduate major was Finance.”

Q. Why did you decide to pursue your undergraduate major?

A. “I decided to pursue Finance because of my interest analyzing data and because of the fast-paced and competitive industry that demands professionals who are flexible and focused.”

Q. How did you hear about the master’s program you are enrolled in?

A. “I heard about the Master of International Business (MIB) program through my friend, Randi Allard, while interning at Northrop Grumman’s Business Management division.”

Q. Why did you decide to pursue that master’s program?

A. “I decided to pursue the Master of International Business program because of my interest in the interconnectedness of global markets, the opportunity to study abroad while pursuing my master’s degree, the required Global Immersion Experience,  a week-long corporate study tour abroad, and the flexible graduate curriculum.”

Q. How have you benefitted from the time you’ve already spent in your master’s program? 

A. I have benefitted from the graduate alumni network, as I have been able to reach out to MIB alumni and ask them for interview tips and general advice while searching for a full-time job. I have also been able to negotiate a higher starting salary because of my master’s degree.

Q. What career do you plan to pursue after you complete your master’s degree?

A. I have accepted a full-time offer with a defense contractor, and I hope to transition into federal consulting after several years in the industry.

Q. Why should other students consider a master’s degree from the UF Hough Graduate School of Business at the Warrington College of Business?

A. Students should consider a master’s degree from the Hough Graduate School of Business because a master’s degree from the University of Florida provides an opportunity to accelerate your career, the diverse graduate curriculum and access to the graduate business career coaches.

Q. Can you describe the academic experience in your master’s program?

A. The graduate classes are challenging, but manageable. The classes are more team-oriented and case based which was refreshing coming from strictly lecture-based material in my undergraduate classes. I balanced my master’s and undergraduate coursework by prioritizing tentative due dates and understanding my graduate classes were fast-paced as they only last about 8 weeks. I also understood that my finals for my graduate classes and undergraduate classes would be at different times and had to plan to study for finals while still submitting assignments for my graduate classes.

Q. What are your tips for the application process?

A. I suggest scheduling a date for the GRE/GMAT several months in advance. I found if you schedule the exam date and pay in advance, you are less likely to procrastinate for the exam and are more likely to use your time effectively. I took the GMAT and used an online service called Magoosh as my exam prep. Magoosh offered full-length exams and hundreds of practice questions and lesson videos with a specific study schedule.

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