Nikita Ghade

Warrington combination degrees: Master of Science in Information Systems and Operations Management

Master of Science in Information Systems and Operations Management student Nikita Ghade answers questions about what it’s like to be a combination-degree student, what she’s learned in her master’s program and making the transition from the Heavener School of Business to the Hough Graduate School of Business.


Q. What was your major as an undergraduate student?

A. “My major was Business Management.”

Q. Why did you decide to pursue your undergraduate major?

A. “I decided to pursue Management because I have always enjoyed working with numerous other groups of people, as well as project management. In addition, I was very interested in Management Consulting at the time, so pursuing Management as my major would give me a springboard for so many other careers.”

Q. How did you hear about the master’s program you are enrolled in?

A. “I heard about the ISOM master’s program through many of my friends in my professional business fraternity, Alpha Kappa Psi. They always discussed their rigorous coursework from the program and how it helped them better understand technology, and I was very intrigued.”

Q. Why did you decide to pursue that master’s program?

A. “I decided to pursue the ISOM combination degree because I have always been very interested in technology, and this was the perfect way for me to learn about the way technology and business work together in so many companies. In addition, technology is an ever-expanding field, and the opportunities that technology provides us with are limitless.”

Q. How have you benefitted from the time you’ve already spent in your master’s program?

A. “I’ve benefitted so much from the time I’ve spent so far in my master’s program because of the networks I’ve created. The professors are so welcoming and helpful, and through numerous office hours and classes I was able to create meaningful connections with them. They are genuinely dedicated to making sure that we fully understand the class content, and their enthusiasm to meet with us is refreshing. Additionally, every graduate class I’ve taken so far has required us to work in groups on homework and projects. This enabled me to also network among students and create solid friendships. I always have someone to study with who’s in the same boat as me, and everyone is extremely supportive of each other’s success.”

Q. What career do you plan to pursue after you complete your master’s degree?

A. “I plan to pursue a career in Technology Consulting, however I am also open to a more technical role, due to the experience that I will gain in the ISOM program.”

Q. Why should other students consider a master’s degree from the UF Hough Graduate School of Business at the Warrington College of Business?

A. “Other students should definitely consider a master’s degree from Hough because of the limitless opportunities they provide for our own success. There are numerous ways for us to always expand our network, and because of Hough, we have so many ways to learn about new careers through frequent company informationals and seminars. I have no doubt that Hough will help me to achieve my dream career.”

Q. Can you describe the academic experience in your master’s program?

A. “So far, my academic experience in my master’s program has been amazing. The way the professors teach in graduate school is very different, and I genuinely find the content very interesting, as it is different from anything I’ve ever learned before. The content is more applicable to the real world, and I believe with every class, my knowledge of technology is more in depth. Additionally, because of the module nature of graduate classes, the classes are very fast paced, which is challenging but also requires me to stay on top of my schoolwork, which helps me learn material faster. It is kind of difficult to manage my master’s course work with my undergraduate course work because of the different timelines of exams in both programs, but it is very doable. There are so many other combination degree students in the same boat as me, so I can always find some one to study with so we can keep each other on track. Now that I’ve been in the master’s program for a semester, I have learned to time manage much better so that I can stay on top of my graduate classes while also performing well in the remainder of my undergraduate classes.”

Q. What are your tips for the application process?

A. “The application process was very smooth. Ms. Chandra Hardy and Ms. Jessica Samson are extremely helpful in answering the numerous questions I had about the program, and their enthusiasm about it made me want to apply. In the ISOM combination degree, the GRE/GMAT isn’t required to be accepted into the program. However, you must take either the GRE or the GMAT before your final undergraduate semester of college. This summer I will be taking the GRE, and I will be preparing by using the online prep program called Magoosh, which many other graduate students have recommended to me.”

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