Macy Trizonis

Warrington combination degrees: Master of Science in Real Estate

Nathan S. Collier Master of Science in Real Estate student Macy Trizonis answers questions about what it’s like to be a combination-degree student, what she’s learned in her master’s program and making the transition from the Heavener School of Business to the Hough Graduate School of Business.


Q. What was your major as an undergraduate student?

A. “Finance.”

Q. Why did you decide to pursue your undergraduate major?

A. “I enjoyed my AP Macroeconomics class in high school and am very analytical, so I thought finance would be a good match. I didn’t know how good of a decision I made until I got to UF and realized all the opportunities available to me as a finance major.”

Q. How did you hear about the master’s program you are enrolled in?

A. “I learned about the Master of Science in Real Estate (MSRE) program through my involvement in Real Estate Society my freshman year.”

Q. Why did you decide to pursue that master’s program?

A. “I knew I wanted to pursue a career in commercial real estate and the Master of Science in Real Estate program allows me to get a real estate education I wouldn’t be able to get on the undergraduate level. This education will set me apart from my peers once I graduate. Also, the fact that I would be able to graduate with both degrees in four years made it an easy decision logistically.”

Q. How have you benefitted from the time you’ve already spent in your master’s program?

A. “Beyond the increased knowledge and perspective that I have gained from the program, the most valuable aspect has been the networking and connections I have made with industry professionals. The extensive network of professionals on the Bergstrom Advisory Board has already helped me in so many ways. I have gained two internship opportunities through advisory board members, last summer in Jacksonville and this summer in New York City. I can make lasting connections now that will help me for the rest of my career.”

Q. What career do you plan to pursue after you complete your master’s degree?

A. “I plan to pursue a career in commercial real estate. I am still determining which sector of the industry I want to break into, but currently investment and development stand out to me most. I will learn a lot more about the investment aspect of the business this summer as an intern with the acquisitions group at Monday Properties.”

Q. Why should other students consider a master’s degree from the UF Hough Graduate School of Business at the Warrington College of Business?

A. “I greatly recommend considering the combination degree option. There is so much to gain from the graduate level education in the specialty you want to pursue that you cannot receive as an undergraduate. Whether it be through classes, unique opportunities, or building a community of like-minded individuals, Hough allows you to develop academically, professionally and personally.”

Q. Can you describe the academic experience in your master’s program?

A. “At first I was nervous about how my workload would be taking both graduate and undergraduate classes, but it has been very manageable. My graduate courses have a lot more emphasis on team work and I find the information to be more functional. Balancing graduate and undergraduate courses is the same as balancing multiple undergraduate courses, it’s all about time management and planning accordingly.”

Q. What are your tips for the application process?

A. “The GMAT is a very daunting test, but taking it as an undergraduate made it a lot easier since I had only taken the SAT and ACT a few years prior. I got a study book and studied over winter break when I had a break between semesters. Standardized testing is easier for some people than others, but ample preparation is key. I got my recommendation letters from two former professors and a manager at a retail job I worked. It’s important for your recommendations to be from people who can speak to your work ethic and character. It’s not all about finding the most prestigious person to write you a recommendation, but instead someone who knows you well and can write you a quality recommendation.”

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