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Chris McGibbon

Solving the real estate puzzle

For his first three years as an undergraduate student at the University of Maryland, Chris McGibbon (MBA ’01) thought following in his father’s footsteps into a career in chemistry was a stable path to follow. An internship experience with a

Avani Desai

The unpredictable road to becoming CEO

Career fairs can be scary. Attendees have just 60 seconds to impress recruiters from hundreds of companies with their resumes and elevator pitches. But if Avani Desai (BS-ISOM ’02) hadn’t gone, she wouldn’t have started down the career path that

Tim Peterson

Sowing the seeds of success

Tim Peterson (BSAc ’85, MBA ‘87) was always in a rush to get through school, but not because he didn’t like it. He couldn’t wait to learn more. Peterson skipped the third grade and did his senior year of high

Ann Ruckstuhl

No limits

Originally from Taipei, Taiwan, Ann Sung Ruckstuhl (BS ’86, MBA ’92) describes her experience coming to the United States at 15 years old as that of many immigrants – a blessing and a curse. While she had to quickly learn

Gary Antenberg

Banking on success

Looking back on the beginning of his career, Gary Antenberg (BSBA ’89) is grateful that he didn’t get his dream job right out of college. At the University of Florida, he studied finance in the hopes that he’d land a

Kevin Boone

On the fast track

Kevin Boone (BSAc ’00) recalls getting his first glimpse into the world of finance while reading stock quotes in the newspaper with his grandfather. As time and technology progressed, he opened his first account during the early days of online

Katie Saez

Purpose-driven leadership

Katherine “Katie” Saez (BSBA ’99) became a Gator long before she started at the University of Florida as a freshman in the mid-1990s. After moving to the United States from Cuba in the 1930s, her grandfather Octavio Garces (’42) became

David Long

Holistic health on the horizon

Four years of classes and laboratory projects had well prepared David Long (BHS ’00, MSM ’01) for the beginnings of a career in physical therapy. With a passion for health and wellness that began in his high school years, Long

Steve Hagenbuckle stands on a stage while playing a guitar and singing into a microphone.

Setting the stage for success

There wasn’t a moment to spare during Steve Hagenbuckle’s (BSBA ’85) time at the University of Florida. In the early 80s, the young student spent most of his time focusing on the future and what he could do now to

Lezlee Westine

Building bipartisan bridges

In the years since Lezlee Westine (BSBA ’82) graduated from the University of Florida, she has held leadership positions in the tech hub of Silicon Valley to the country’s government seat in Washington, D.C. No matter the industry focus, Westine