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How valuable are online product recommendations to consumers?

In today’s online world, third parties collect and store your browsing data at staggering rates. Third parties benefit greatly from this information, but do you get fair returns for sharing your data online? New research from the University of Florida

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Optimizing K-12 Educational Production with EdTech

As part of a series of insights from Matherly Professor Anuj Kumar, his latest post highlights how to improve educational production. He notes that one needs to improve the output of underlying education-generating processes and proposes a generic framework for

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Integrated Framework of Educational Production

Most EdTech applications focus on improving a part of educational production. However, these applications are suboptimal because they do not leverage other entities in the educational ecosystem (such as peers and families to motivate and support students) and connected processes

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Is EdTech deployment in K-12 schools aligned to maximize educational production?

In partnership with the RightWalk Foundation (RWF), Matherly Professor Anuj Kumar is researching the impact of EdTech in K-12 schools in India. These observations and prescriptions would generalize to K-12 schools in most developing countries.  In his latest report, Kumar

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How can EdTech improve educational production in K-12 schools in developing countries?

Matherly Professor Anuj Kumar has been working with the RightWalk Foundation (RWF) for the past few years to answer this question. During this period, he visited numerous K-12 schools in Uttar Pradesh, India, and interacted with teachers and administrators on

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How to optimize online sales with a hybrid product recommendation

When you search for products online, one of the ways in which retailers return results is through collaborative filters (CF), an algorithmic product recommendation system. Also known as “wisdom of the crowd” recommendations, CF systems are used to optimize website

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GreatSchools Wanted to Disrupt Online School Ratings. But Did It Make Neighborhood Segregation Worse?

While the website has become the go-to source for information on local schools, research from Matherly Professor of Information Systems Anuj Kumar highlights that after GreatSchools was introduced, the gap between average home prices near schools with better ratings increased by

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Looking for a home? You’ve seen GreatSchools ratings. Here’s how they nudge families toward schools with fewer black and Hispanic students.

“What’s the right way to judge a school? Across the country, states and school districts have devised their own systems of letter grades and color-coded dashboards based on test scores and graduation rates. But arguably the most visible and influential

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UF retail expert shares holiday shopping trends

“Retailers gearing up for another busy holiday season both in-store and online are hoping to lure consumers to buy their products with new methods,” writes The Gainesville Sun.  See what those new methods are, according to Matherly Professor of Information

Warrington professor gives TEDx talk on how online school ratings accelerate segregation in America

Matherly Professor of Information Systems Anuj Kumar shares surprising data from a recent research study that shows how segregation in the U.S. has been impacted by the availability of online school ratings and challenges us to look beyond the internet for