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Should we worry about the federal deficit?

The Hough Graduate School of Business hosted its annual Capitalism and Capital Markets panel discussion sponsored by BB&T Foundations of Free Enterprise on April 22. The discussion entitled,  “The Federal Deficit…Visible and Invisible.  Should We Worry About It?  How Large Is It?  What can we do about it?”, welcomed Michael Tanner, a Senior Fellow at the Cato Institute; G. William (“Bill”) Hoagland, Senior Vice President of the Bipartisan Policy Center; and Michael McKee, a Bloomberg Radio host and Bloomberg Television’s

Publishing giants speak in graduate finance class

Gainesville, Fla. – Norman Pearlstine (Senior Advisor, The Carlyle Group, and former editor-in-chief of Time Inc. and The Wall Street Journal) and John S. Carroll (former editor of the Los Angeles Times and The Baltimore Sun) were recent guests in Adjunct Professor Bruce S. Foerster’s “Capitalism” course, part of the Master of Science in Finance Program. The pair participated in a roundtable discussion pursuant to a class case study framed by two UF students (Jeremy Bailys and Mark Schreiner), and