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Jay Ritter

Trump SPAC’s zealous investors are both a blessing and a curse

Cordell Eminent Scholar Jay Ritter comments on the planned merger between Miami-based Digital World and Donald Trump’s media venture, and how investor confusion on SPAC rules has challenged the deal.  “There’s no rational reason why any shareholder should vote against

Jay Ritter

Big Four shunned SPAC IPOs but now flock to audit new companies

Cordell Eminent Scholar Jay Ritter shares insights for this story on the Big Four accounting firms’ avoidance of audit work when SPACs became Wall Street’s favorite way to take companies public, leaving smaller outfits churning out hundreds of fast, cheap audits

Jay Ritter

Second time’s the charm for some IPOs

An initial public offering is a once-in-a-lifetime moment for a company. Except when it isn’t. When Mobileye Global lists shares in its IPO next week, it’ll be for the second time.  Companies going public for a second or third time

Jay Ritter

Paul Ryan’s SPAC is the latest hit by a massive investor exodus

A SPAC that counts former US House Speaker Paul Ryan as chairman became the latest vehicle to be bailed on by investors who want their money back. Executive Network Partnering Corp. saw roughly 95% of its investors opt to swap

Jay Ritter

Nasdaq halts IPOs of small Chinese companies as it probes stock rallies

Cordell Eminent Scholar Jay Ritter shares insights for this story on Nasdaq Inc. putting the brakes on the initial public offering (IPO) preparations of at least four small Chinese companies while it investigates short-lived stock rallies of such firms following their

Jay Ritter

ClearingBid seeks to be the new way to IPO

The tech firm wants to bring mainstream investors—and their advisors—into the IPO process, territory once reserved for favored clients, insiders and underwriters. But to take on Wall Street’s reliable revenue generator, many moving pieces will have to fall into place.

Jay Ritter

California Faces Loss of IPO Crown as Tech Startup Plans Stymied

California has been generating the most initial public offerings of any US state every year since 2003. That streak could end this year unless the Golden State picks up the pace. California’s change of fortune is explained largely by the

Jay Ritter and Minmo Gahng

SPAC Sponsors Were Winners Even on Losers

Money managers who oversaw blank-check companies kept making profits even in the face of significant losses to stock investors. “There is no question that the sponsors had great returns at the same time that public market investors had very negative

Brian Gendreau

Labor Secretary: ‘Hard to say’ if Hurricane Ian will impact Florida’s unemployment rate

The unemployment rate in Florida has been among the lowest in the country before Hurricane Ian – which rocked the state as a Category 4 storm – wreaked havoc, destroying homes and businesses and displacing many Floridians. The U.S. Department

Jay Ritter

The IPO market went from ‘boom to bust’ in 2022. Here’s what’s driving the massive slowdown.

From the best of times, to the worst of times: The market for initial public offerings has fallen off a cliff in 2022. Investors faced with high inflation and rising interest rates have ditched high-flying growth stocks and turned to safer,