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Business Career Services expands to Heavener School

The Heavener School is taking the next step to ensure positive career outcomes for students. The Business Career Services office expanded at the start of the fall 2017 semester to offer dedicated programs and services for Heavener students in order to assist them in reaching their career goals. All undergraduate

Case competition teams stand out around the world

The Heavener School completed its most successful year in international case competitions with a pair of first-place finishes and three third-place finishes out of the eight competitions attended. With competitions in Australia, Canada, Japan, the Netherlands and New Zealand, the Heavener School proved itself as an international power in case

Prioritizing a Degree

After 25 years of working in the field of civil engineering, Ray Piacente (BSBA ’17) has built strong leadership skills, learned how to manage a team, and developed robust communication abilities. However, there was something missing from his background that would help him further advance his skills and career opportunities.

Career focus generates curriculum changes

Along with the expansion of Business Career Services into the Heavener School of Business, undergraduate students will now also have a chance to further their career preparation through two new classes – a career readiness course for second-year students and a leadership class for third-year students. The additional classes will

Procter & Gamble Case Competition gives students real world experience

As Dr. Alex Sevilla put together the curriculum for his new leadership class, he wanted a tangible way for third-year students to put the theories and concepts from lectures into action. Heavener’s increased focus on case competitions created a natural way for it to happen. Procter & Gamble’s Kroger Team

Heavener Leadership Challenge prepares students to lead

The keystone of the Heavener School of Business’ mission is to instill dynamic leadership skills into students. The College does this through a variety of career and leadership development programs where students take the leadership reins. The Heavener Leadership Challenge (HLC) uses principles from the best-selling leadership book “The Student

Laying the groundwork for international experiences

Heavener is the only school at UF that has a dedicated international programs center. It’s no surprise that 47% of our students graduated with an international experience in 2017. Heavener is able to produce such results by planting the international seed early on during Warrington Welcome, a one-credit course for

Expanding online business education

The Heavener School of Business has long been a leader in online education at UF. The Online BSBA continues to be one of the most popular majors at UF Online, the university’s online education division, with 29% of UF Online students enrolled in the program. With the launch of the

Pairing study abroad with internships: Juan Sarabia

As a pillar of the Heavener School of Business experience, international study makes the world our students’ classroom. The experience of studying abroad develops students’ self-confidence and maturity, reinforces their commitment to learning, builds strong career skills, and fosters an understanding and appreciation of other cultures. The Heavener School of

A Winding Route to Success

Since graduating from the Warrington College of Business, Kevin Guthrie’s career path has been anything but traditional. After completing his undergraduate degree, Guthrie (BSBA Marketing ‘03, MADV ‘08) sharpened his skills in graphic design at the Edinburgh College of Art, then put his expertise in marketing and advertising to work