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Yixuan Li

Silver and wise: How retirement-age workers find fulfillment in continued employment

Who says retirement is the only golden opportunity? Research from Assistant Professor Yixuan Li shows how retirement-age workers are defying expectations of longevity. Read more in this story from People Matters. 

Two people solve problem, psychology, psychotherapy, business coaching. Vector illustration.

Translating organizational research scales into a different language

The field of organizational psychology is increasingly spanning across different countries, cultures and languages. As such, researchers engaging in cross-cultural research must often translate scales into a different language. Scales are simply a group of items that measure a psychological

Aaron Hill

CEO political leanings affect their international deals

Conservative CEOs are four times more likely than their liberal counterparts to acquire international firms rather than forge new alliances when entering foreign markets, according to new research from Associate Professor Aaron Hill. The same study finds that these political

Klodiana Lanaj and Remy Jennings

Improving your work-life balance can make you a more effective leader at work

Silencing your notifications and ignoring your email at the end of the workday could make you a better leader at your job, according to new research from Martin L. Schaffel Professor Klodiana Lanaj and Ph.D. alumna and Florida State University

Is retirement a blessing or a curse?

Retirement might not be best for your health. The jubilation of leaving the office for the last time remains for some but fades quickly for others. Whether spending retirement on the golf course or with the grandkids, many retirees are

The 14 tenure-track faculty members of Warrington's Department of Management. From left: Joyce Bono, John Chen, Larry DiMatteo, Robert Emerson, Amir Erez, Aaron Hill, Yixuan Li, Klodiana Lanaj, Gwen Lee, David Gaddis Ross, Brian Swider, Robert Thomas, Mo Wang and Nan Zhang.

UF Warrington management department No. 1 in productivity per faculty again

The 14 tenure-track faculty members of the Department of Management at the University of Florida Warrington College of Business are the most prolific group of research producers per faculty on the Texas A&M/University of Georgia Rankings of Management Department Research

Robert Emerson

Robert Emerson presenting at Franchise Times Legal Eagles Virtual Summit

Huber Hurst Professor of Business Law Robert Emerson shares his franchising insights as part of a panel discussion on The Law and Economics of Franchising at the Franchise Times Legal Eagles Virtual Summit on April 12. The free virtual summit

Mo Wang

Speaking of Psychology: What does modern retirement look like? With Mo Wang

Forget the stereotype of a goodbye party in the break room followed by endless days on the golf course. Today, workers are staying on the job longer and taking on more “bridge employment,” or post-retirement jobs. Lanzillotti-McKethan Eminent Scholar Mo

Chester C. Holloway Professor Gwen Lee with Keith Sonderling, commissioner with the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission.

UF-NSF workshop examines artificial intelligence governance for organizations

Artificial intelligence algorithms are used to generate predictions that contribute to health care decisions, who gets selected for job interviews and who is eligible for insurance coverage or bank loans. Yet because of data biases, AI applications can inadvertently become

Woman writes a list in front of a computer

The simple act that can make you a better leader at work and happier at home

New research from Martin L. Schaffel Professor Klodiana Lanaj and alumni Trevor Foulk (Ph.D. ’17) and Remy Jennings (Ph.D. ’22) shows that the simple act of starting the day with some positive self-reflection can have big impacts on how a