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A look at one of the biggest causes of teacher burnout

Administrators who don’t provide extra resources may see turnover long after COVID ends, Beth Ayers McCague Family Fellowship Associate Professor Brian Swider says in this story based on his research about why teachers leave the profession. 

Research Roundup: Innovative ideas from Warrington in 2019-2020

Over the 2019-2020 academic year, Warrington College of Business faculty members reminded us why they’re some of the best in the world. From producing hundreds of new research papers, to teaching countless students the fundamentals of business, to writing or being quoted in the news about trending topics, the innovative ideas from Warrington faculty members continued to elevate the college into one of the most respected. Warrington faculty had 128 papers accepted or published in the 2019-2020 academic year, including:

What will be forever changed as a result of COVID-19?

Joyce Bono, W.A. McGriff, III Professor, spoke with WUFT News about how COVID-19 will impact the way we work. Bono shared her insights on the topic as well as the initial results of her research project regarding work and family in the time of COVID.  Will flexibility in remote working change the workplace forever? See what Bono thinks in this podcast from WUFT News (begins at 10:06). 

During COVID, understanding why teachers quit matters more than ever. Here’s what schools can do.

New research from Brian Swider delves into why teachers leave the profession and could help schools avoid an exodus of instructors during the COVID-19 pandemic. Read the four factors his research uncovered and what school systems can do about each of them in this story from UF News.

The gender pay gap that no one is paying attention to

Assistant Professor of Management Aaron Hill’s research with Ryan Hammond, Ryan Stice-Lusvardi and Felice Klein explores if gender plays a role when it comes to equity-based pay. See what they found in this article by Klein from The Conversation. 

A deadly combination: COVID-19 and college football’s effects on the city

Lecturer Amanda Phalin explains the economic impact of college football on the Gainesville community amid changes brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic. See what she had to say in this story from The Independent Florida Alligator. 

What’s the best way to manage a multi-generational workforce? Not by managing based on generation, researchers warn

Scroll through news headlines and social media alike, and you’ll find references to plenty of stereotypes about different generations, from Baby Boomers characterized as out of touch with the modern world to Millennials described as entitled and lazy. The prevalence of these stereotypes and other generalizations about generations has become a popular topic among managers who are looking for insights into managing an increasingly diverse workforce. Should they consider spending more time helping Baby Boomers with technology or do they

Broward schools memo tells employees not to reveal COVID-19 status

Assistant Professor of Management Brian Swider shares insights on a memo that instructs employees at Broward Schools not to discuss if they have tested positive for COVID-19. See what he had to say in this story from the Sun Sentinel. 

Worried about online courses? Warrington faculty share tips for students learning online

The COVID-19 pandemic has brought significant changes to our lives. While teaching courses online might be new for some, at the Warrington College of Business, it’s something we’ve been doing for the past two decades. For any student new to online learning, rest assured that our online education is one of the strongest thanks to Warrington’s faculty and resources.  We asked a few of our faculty members to share their approach to online teaching, how they make it engaging for students

Rankings Roundup: How Warrington performed in 2019-2020

Over the 2019-2020 academic year, the Warrington College of Business received a number of top rankings from leading publications such as U.S. News & World Report, Financial Times and The Economist. The exceptional rankings we received from these publications affirm our strong student quality, alumni success, value of programs, faculty excellence, first-class student services, and global recognition and influence. The Warrington College of Business is a top-tier institution, and these rankings prove it. Check out our most recent rankings below.