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Meta and Oculus: Under the FTC’s watchful eye | IN 60 SECONDS

Meta has come under investigation by the Federal Trade Commission for supposedly anticompetitive conduct concerning the Oculus headset and App Store, despite the fact that virtual reality is still very new to the market and needs time to adapt to

Mark Jamison

After a $500-million year, will metaverse real estate skyrocket or plummet?

Metaverse real estate sales surpassed $500 million last year, and nearly half of this amount came after Mark Zuckerberg’s October 2021 rebranding of Facebook to “Meta.” This year, the metaverse real estate market has continued to boom, with sales reaching

Mark Jamison

Market power doesn’t cause inflation

Public Utility Research Center Director and Gunter Professor Mark Jamison explains the country’s challenges with inflation, why scapegoating big business isn’t right and how government can help solve the program plaguing Americans.  Read his take in this blog post from

Mark Jamison

Rural broadband remains scarce across north central Florida. Here’s what that means for people without it

Public Utility Research Center Director and Gunter Professor Mark Jamison lends his expertise to this story about the challenges in providing broadband access to rural communities – specifically, the two major issues in government spending that attempted to curb the

Mark Jamison

Ethics in the Age of a Technological Revolution

Public Utility Research Center and Gunter Professor Mark Jamison joins UF alumna Palveshey Tariq on the Palveshow to discuss the ethics of the technological revolution the world finds itself in.  Hear their conversation on YouTube. 

Brendan Carr

FCC Commissioner to speak on expansion of 5G technologies at free UF event

GAINESVILLE, Fla. – Federal Communications Commission (FCC) Commissioner Brendan Carr will present at the University of Florida on October 6 about the national impact of 5G technologies as part of a speaker series from the Warrington College of Business Digital

Mignon Clyburn

Former FCC Commissioner to discuss closing the digital divide at free event

GAINESVILLE, Fla. – Former Federal Communications Commission (FCC) Commissioner Mignon Clyburn will speak at the University of Florida on September 9 about expanding broadband access to marginalized communities in the United States as part of a new speaker series from

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The latest innovative ideas from Warrington

Over the 2020-2021 academic year, Warrington College of Business faculty members reminded us why they’re some of the best in the world, despite the challenges brought on by the pandemic. From producing hundreds of new research papers, to teaching countless

Facade FlagsJustice Department Building Pennsylvania Avenue Washington DC Completed in 1935. Houses 1000s of lawyers working at Justice.

DOJ Files Antitrust Lawsuit Against Google

The Department of Justice filed a lawsuit Tuesday against Google’s parent company Alphabet Inc. for anti-competitive behavior. Antitrust expert and Director of the Public Utility Research Center Dr. Mark Jamison spoke with a number of news outlets about the lawsuit. Read

How the FCC is keeping the US connected during COVID-19

The Public Utility Research Center (PURC) hosted U.S. Federal Communications Commission (FCC) Commissioner Michael O’Rielly in its latest Next Practices Live. Commissioner O’Rielly spoke with PURC Director and Gunter Professor Dr. Mark Jamison about how the FCC is responding to