Master of Science in Entrepreneurship 2017 Articles: page 1

Xavier Richardson

Xavier Richardson (BA ’11, BM ‘11, MSE ‘17) | September 2023

Richardson (BA ’11, BM ‘11, MSE ‘17) recently took on the challenge of providing free internet to over 100,000 Miami-Dade students and families as the Miami Connected Fellow and Senior Associate at The Miami Foundation. In just 19 months, he

David Starr

David Starr (BSMP ’16, MSE ’17) | July 2023

Starr (BSMP ’16, MSE ’17) moved to New York upon graduating, where he worked for The Wall Street Journal, NBC and Business Insider. He is also the founder of VELT (, a cognitive health brand for hard-working professionals. VELT’s flagship

Darren Nicol

New AI technology could help you find your next job

Off the coast of the rugged North Sea, Darren Nicol (MSE ’17) was looking for opportunities beyond his oil and gas sector. Feeling pigeon-holed in his career, he decided to take a year off to travel and further his education.

Disha Singla

Disha Singla (MSE ’17) | August 2021

Singla (MSE 2017) is the co-founder of Supreme Incubator, an early-stage venture builder ecosystem with a pre-seed incubation program, mentor network and investor network. Supreme Incubator has graduated 20 startups since it began in 2019. It currently has 11 startups