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David Flores (MSE ’13) | July 2019

Flores (MSE 2013) is COO & Co-Founder of Antibiotic Anjuvant, Inc., a company working to solve the worldwide problem of antibiotic resistance. Recently, they created a software to help reduce the misuse and overuse of antibiotics in nursing homes.

Peachaya Wongpiya (MSE ’17) | July 2019

Wongpiya (MSE 2017) is Managing Director at A-Team Precision Company Limited. She recently moved into the role after serving as Sales Manager and Quality Management Representative at the same company. “After graduation, I’ve taken several roles in this company and each has different challenges,” she said. “One of my favorite courses at Warrington was Entrepreneurial Selling. It helps me communicate with customers and find the one thing I really need to focus on.”

Think starting a business is the only way to be an entrepreneur? Think again.

By Christine Haworth, BSBA ’18, MSE ’19 Innovation, this word comes up more and more in the business world with the pressures to continually succeed as a business, but what does innovation really mean, and how can one be innovative? A common misconception is that innovation just means “change,” but innovation is better described as creating new processes and ideas for productive change. I was drawn to a master’s degree in entrepreneurship because being entrepreneurial is more than starting your

5 reasons why taking the GRE is important for your master’s degree

Applying to graduate school is a lofty task. From writing your personal statement, updating your resume and acquiring letters of recommendation and transcripts, it can be a lot to think about and organize. As you look at the checklist for admission to a master’s program, the last thing you want to think about is taking the GRE. What’s so important about taking the test anyway? Allow us to explain why taking the GRE isn’t just our way of adding one

Cameron MacMillan (BSAc ’07, MSE ’09) | May 2019

MacMillan (BSAc 2007, MSE 2009) is the co-founder of RotoGrinders, a web-based daily fantasy sports community and two-time Gator100 award-winning company. RotoGrinders was recently acquired by Better Collective, the world’s leading developer of digital platforms for bookmaker information, iGaming communities and betting tips, for $21 million. Better Collective will hold 60 percent of the RotoGrinders shares, while MacMillan and co-founders Cal Spears and Riley Bryant will hold the remaining 40 percent of shares. MacMillan and co-founders will continue to manage the

9 reasons why you should get your Master of Science in Entrepreneurship online

Whether you’re interested in launching your own company or innovating one that already exists, a master’s degree in entrepreneurship is a great way to gain the competencies you’ll need to succeed. A Thomas S. Johnson Master of Science in Entrepreneurship (MSE) from the University of Florida is the perfect degree for merging the principle and practice of entrepreneurship. The new UF Master of Science in Entrepreneurship Online program makes it easier for you to gain your entrepreneurial skill set without

Why it’s better being involved

By Christine Haworth, BSBA ’18, MSE ’19 College is a juggling act, between school, family and friend commitments, and the ever-growing need for sleep, it can be a lot. While it might be easy to limit your time on campus to classes only, being involved on campus and in the Gainesville community enriches your college experience, and is something that can’t be replicated later on in life. But don’t just take it from me. One of my fellow students Travis

Ready for the real world

By Christine Haworth, BSBA ’18, MSE ’19 As I prepare to graduate from the University of Florida Warrington College of Business for the second time, it’s time for me to genuinely start thinking about life after graduation. With an undergraduate degree in business and my current graduate degree studies in entrepreneurship, a career in the business field is the natural progression for me. I chose to study entrepreneurship because whether you’re planning on starting your own business or want to

MSE alum leads innovative online company

While the daily fantasy sports industry has boomed in recent years and sports betting has become legalized in as many as eight states already across the US, has shown staying power as a trusted resource in the industry. Cameron MacMillan (BSAc ’07, MSE ’09), one of the website’s trio of co-founders, said the key to making that the case was first-mover advantage, heavy investment in technical development, and building a passionate, driven team. Other websites have popped up since

How to build your entrepreneurial experience to successfully launch or innovate a company

By Jamie Kraft, Director, Entrepreneurship and Innovation Center When building a house, there are a number of steps one needs to follow in order to make sure a solid structure is in place: choose a location, pour the foundation, erect the walls, add the plumbing, etc. It is no different when building the experience you’ll need to successfully launch a company or innovate an existing one. But just how do you build a portfolio of entrepreneurial experience? By hiring the