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Klodiana Lanaj

University of Florida management professor awarded for significant scholarly achievement by premier organization

GAINESVILLE, Fla. – Klodiana Lanaj, Martin L. Schaffel Professor, is the latest recipient of the Academy of Management Organizational Behavior Division’s Cummings Early to Mid-Career Scholarly Achievement Award, which recognizes scholarly achievement of an early- to mid-career scholar. Lanaj is

The 13 tenure-track faculty members of Warrington's Department of Management. From left: Joyce Bono, Nan Zhang, Larry DiMatteo, Robert Emerson, Amir Erez, Aaron Hill, Yixuan Li, Klodiana Lanaj, Gwen Lee, David Gaddis Ross, Brian Swider, Heng Xu and Mo Wang.

UF Warrington management department No. 1 in productivity per faculty fourth year in a row

GAINESVILLE, Fla. – For four consecutive years, the 13 tenure-track faculty members of the Department of Management at the University of Florida Warrington College of Business have affirmed their authority as top-tier researchers. As in 2020, 2021 and 2022, Warrington’s

Dollar sign exploding and dissolving, concept of currency devaluation and inflation

Companies ignoring climate risks get punished by markets, new study reveals

GAINESVILLE, Fla. – A pioneering study from the University of Florida has quantified corporations’ exposure to climate change risks like hurricanes, wildfires, and climate-related regulations and the extent to which climate risks are priced into their market valuations. The research

Young gamer playing video game wearing headphone.

Punishment for online gamers who exploit bugs critical for ongoing game success

GAINESVILLE, Fla. – Among the 3.1 billion active online gamers around the world, a ubiquitous challenge has come to be accepted across games – bugs and glitches. These game defects give players the opportunity to take advantage of the bug,

Soft focus Hand giving a red heart

How reflecting on gratitude received from family can make you a better leader

GAINESVILLE, Fla. – The longstanding advice to “check your baggage at the door” may not be the best way for leaders to engage and empower their employees. Instead, acknowledging that leaders are complete individuals with experiences outside of the office

Business guy is sending the emails with laptop at work space.

Should you use AI to write work emails?

GAINESVILLE, Fla. – As the most popular form of business communications, it may come as no surprise that the average office worker receives about 121 emails per day. With up to 31,000 emails landing in an employee’s inbox per year,

Digital banking, internet payment, online shopping, financial technology concept. Woman using mobile phone and credit card paying via mobile banking app for online shopping with technology icons

University of Florida Warrington College of Business launches FinTech Research Center

With $600,000 in funding, the UF Warrington College of Business is advancing research and educational opportunities in the growing field of financial technology (commonly referred to as fintech) with its newly established FinTech Research Center in Stuzin Hall.   Supported by

Yixuan Li

University of Florida management professor receives NSF CAREER Award

GAINESVILLE, Fla. – Assistant Professor of Management Yixuan Li is among the latest recipients of the National Science Foundation’s (NSF) Faculty Early Career Development Program (CAREER) award, the research foundation’s most prestigious award that supports early-career faculty. Li is the

Aaron Hill

Paranoid CEOs hide from government, react strongly to competitors

The higher CEOs score on measures of paranoia, the more likely they are to avoid lobbying government, according to new research of 925 CEOs across 774 firms by Associate Professor Aaron Hill. But hiding doesn’t always work. If sanctioned, or

Binoculars look out over a city

Why Do Banks With Little Skin in the Game Still Monitor Borrowers?

Bank lending to companies with iffy credit has more than doubled since the financial crisis. This is largely due to a ready market available for banks to offload their loans, reducing the risk carried on bank balance sheets. A yield-hungry