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Tao Li

Do financial incentives drive the voting behaviour of ESG funds?

In a new paper, Bank of America Assistant Professor of Finance Tao Li studies whether ESG funds trade the long-term sustainability of portfolio companies for greater short-term financial performance, focusing on how these funds vote on ESG proposals at shareholder

Tao Li

Don’t Bitcoin More Than You Can Chew

Curious about cryptocurrency? Assistant Professor Tao Li explains cryptocurrencies and discusses the recent sharp drop in the value of cryptocurrencies in this Q&A with Hamodia.

A golden bitcoin in front of a red graph. The graph rises and then sharply drops, indicating a drop in value. The graph is outside the shallow depth of field.

Pump-and-dump schemes detrimental to cryptocurrencies and investors, UF Warrington research finds

GAINESVILLE, Fla. – When it comes to investing, avoiding risk is almost impossible. No matter if you invest in stocks, bonds, mutual funds, or even cryptocurrencies, each can lose value. The difference between standard investments, like stocks, and new forms

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Hedge funds that break deals rather than make deals make the big bucks

Activist investors tend to push management teams to sell their businesses to a rival or strategic buyer for a premium valuation. Yet according to a new study by Assistant Professor of Finance Tao Li, the better strategy to profit from