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Nikul “Nik” Patel (MBA ’01) | January 2020

Patel (MBA 2001) is Senior Vice President of Information/Cybersecurity at Citi. He has been with Citi for over 10 years, holding various roles. Prior to Citi, Patel worked for Walmart and Accenture in multiple locations, including Charlotte, NC; New York, NY; Boston,

Jon Hamrick

Jon Hamrick (MBA ’01) | December 2017

Hamrick (MBA 2001) was named the Chief Operating Officer of Therigy, a patient-focused specialty therapy management company. He joined Therigy in 2011 as a principal partner. Hamrick’s expansive 25-year career in the pharma and specialty pharmacy industry is an invaluable asset. In

Jon Hamrick

Jon Hamrick (MBA ’01) | September 2017

Hamrick (MBA 2001) is the Chief Strategy Officer at Therigy, a patient-focused specialty therapy management company. As Chief Strategy Officer, Hamrick drives continuous product and technology innovation through strategy development, market expansion, and a network of partnerships and alliances with charms

Jeremy Sibiski (MBA ’01, MHA ’01) | August 2016

Jeremy (MBA 2001, MHA 2001) was appointed Executive Director of Finance and Administration at UF’s College of Medicine, a newly created position merging the College’s human resource and financial functions under one leader. Jeremy, who was selected from a national search