Group of Warrington students doing the Gator Chomp around the Ubiquity statue

9 ways UF Warrington students spent their summers

  1. Some business students took their studies abroad!

    aquaduct gator chomp
    Hitting the books while hitting up all the landmarks.

  2. Others put their skills to use in their internships.

    Summer 2017 Internships
    Gaining experience, learning, developing skills … the benefits are endless.

  3. Some Warrington students are studious year-round.

    Walking to Heavener!
    Even if nine of those credits are required.

  4. If you’re starting a business, cheers to you!

    jotting down innovative ideas
    Calling all innovators …

  5. We can’t forget about exercise!

    multitasking counts when running to class
    Running to class counts as well.

  6. Summer reading is always a smart move.

    Hammock Time!
    Because hammock reads are the best reads.

  7. They don’t call us global Gators for nothing …

    Gators in colorado!
    We all need a vacation.

  8. Because we are technically adults …

    Student assistant Working in Heavener

  9. Last, but definitely not least … THE GATOR CHOMP.

    Group of students doing Gator Chomp
    All day, every day.