What an MBA candidate looks like

So You Think You Know What an MBA Candidate Looks Like? Think again.

We hear it all day long: “I was a history major.” “I am a high school science teacher.” “I have never taken a business course before”. “I’m 35, married with children, and just earned my bachelor’s degree last year”. Do I have a shot at getting admitted to your program?

Yes! When evaluating MBA candidates, there is no one-size-fits-all approach. While a few boxes must be checked (bachelor’s degree, some professional experience, and overall undergraduate performance), the metrics vary widely.

We have worked with applicants of all professional backgrounds, all ages, representing every industry imaginable. Most are concerned this attribute will single them out in their cohort, but that is not the case. We’ve had two NASA astronauts complete the program. A news anchor. Farm owners. The list may surprise you!

Saffy Johnson, an alumna of our 2-year Weekend Professional program, joined UFMBA from a professional background of social work.

“Before I was looking at MBA programs, I felt like I was not taken seriously as a candidate for job positions I was applying to, having trouble translating skills that I had, and explaining the skills I was developing due to being thought of as only a “licensed clinical social worker,” Johnson said.

The biggest perceived roadblock? That without any previous business coursework completed, the MBA is not an option on the table.

In fact, the majority of our UF MBA students fit into this category, which makes them great candidates for our 2-year program formats. This format requires no prerequisite coursework, so those entering from non-business backgrounds are provided the foundation necessary in order to be successful in the program.

In addition to the courses and curriculum covered within the program, our Business Career Services team assists in preparing our students for employment opportunities, often in new fields.

“I realized how all my experiences and the MBA presented me as a well-rounded candidate for jobs,” Johnson said. “I was able to demonstrate some of the hard skills and soft skills that were needed in the workplace. Instead of me chasing after employers, I was the one who was being chased.

We often work with applicants who are looking to transition from the military or public sector into private, and they admit the MBA serves as a quick track to get there. Ana Gutierrez, currently enrolled Full-Time student, fell into this category.

“As I was exploring options to transition out of higher education and pivoting into the corporate world, I realized that pursuing an MBA would equip me with the tools I needed to successfully make that transition. As I began to research MBA programs, the return on investment was a priority in my search. I wanted to ensure that I would be positioned well in the recruitment process and UF MBA’s ROI is second to none.”

Whether you are joining us from a non-business profession, pursuing your graduate degree after working in your field for two decades, or wanting to boost your business acumen to compliment your non-business undergraduate degree, there is a UF MBA program format for you!

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