Knack team members look at a computer in their office space.

Knack wins $25,000 Lumina Foundation Education Innovation Prize

Former Gator Hatchery company and past Big Idea Competition winner Knack, a peer-to-peer tutoring app, was recently awarded a $25,000 Education Innovation Prize from the Lumina Foundation to help adults secure the knowledge and skills they need for tomorrow’s jobs.

“When you get to college, you’re kind of left on your own to figure it out, so students with different learning styles or who lack access to the resources they need miss out on opportunities,” said Samyr Qureshi, co-founder and CEO of Knack. “Through our model, we’re trying to change that dynamic. By pairing students with peer mentors, tutors, and coaches, we not only serve the learner on the receiving end, but also on the other side—the peer leader who’s reinforcing their subject-matter knowledge and developing soft skills.”

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