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The Business of Vacations

Summer is now in full-swing, and with it comes summer vacations. In fact, according to Generali Global Assistance, 68 percent of Americans plan to take a summer vacation this year, up from 61 percent in 2016.

If you live in Florida, vacation options are plenty. From beaches to theme parks, the Sunshine State has unlimited possibilities. Or maybe you’re more interested in booking a trip to one of our nation’s national parks, museums or large cities. You could be thinking even bigger, with an international trip to experience a new culture. Whatever you choose, Warrington alumni in the travel industry like Rebecca Sforza Monchecourt and Roger Block are thinking of how to make your vacation memorable. We spoke with Sforza Monchecourt and Block about the business of vacations and their tips for your summer travel.

Read about Rebecca Sforza Monchecourt, Senior Manager, Consumer Insight at Walt Disney World and her tips for a vacation at “the most magical place on Earth.”

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