Initial Impact of COVID-19 on Commercial Real Estate Operations

It has been eight months since we learned about this virus and five months since the world started collectively reacting to it. In terms of real estate investment, this is a very short time. Five months is also too short to measure, collect and analyze the entire impact of any event on real estate operations. However, initial measures reveal that the impact is significant. Initial estimates of second quarter US

  • While the website has become the go-to source for information on local schools, research from Matherly Professor of Information Systems Anuj Kumar highlights that after GreatSchools was introduced, the gap between average home prices near schools with better ratings increased by more than $16,300 after three years compared to those near average-rated schools, and those areas close to highly rated schools attracted more white and Asian residents.

    Anuj Kumar

    GreatSchools Wanted to Disrupt Online School Ratings. But Did It Make Neighborhood Segregation Worse?

    Mother Jones
  • “It is wrong to assume the cloud computing company was hoodwinked by Wall Street just because of its share price pop,” writes Tom Braithwaite of the Financial Times. IPO insights from Cordell Eminent Scholar Chair Jay Ritter help inform Braithwaite’s story.


    Goldman Sachs did not misprice Snowflake’s Buffett-backed IPO

    Financial Times
  • Last week’s IPO for Snowflake, a cloud data software company, sheds light on the current state of tech investing. Cordell Eminent Scholar Chair Jay Ritter comments on Snowflake’s IPO and just how much money it left on the table.

    New York Stock Exchange Building on Wall Street with American Flag draped across the front

    Tech IPOs leave no doubt—It’s now growth at any cost

  • With Snowflake’s IPO on September 16, it is the priciest newly-listed company, valued at $70 billion. It also is the second-most underpriced IPO in history measured by dollars “left on the table,” and the record-holder, by a wide margin, for a newcomer of its slender size. Cordell Eminent Scholar Chair Jay Ritter shares his thoughts on Snowflake’s IPO in this story from Fortune.


    By this measure, Snowflake’s IPO wasn’t such a success after all

  • With the IPO market performing similarly to the top of the internet bubble in 1999, do we need to be concerned about another potential crash? Cordell Eminent Scholar Chair Jay Ritter discusses this with Market Watch’s Mark Hulbert.

    Jay Ritter

    What Snowflake and JFrog are telling us about the IPO market now vs. 1999

    Market Watch

An impactful healthcare career

When Graham Cherrington graduated with his bachelor’s degree from the University of Illinois in 1984, he faced a tough choice – try to enter a down job market or pursue his MBA. Earning an MBA was always part of his plan, but he initially saw that happening through a weekend program later in his career. Instead, a strong GMAT score and a worsening job market pushed him to pursue his

Student spotlight: Laura Dominguez

The Warrington College of Business is full of standout alumni and students. No matter their program or major, their time on campus plays an important role in preparing for impactful careers. This series will feature exceptional people from across Warrington.  Learn more about what makes Laura Dominguez, a student in the Master of Science in Finance program, a standout student at the Warrington College of Business. Q: What is your

Heavener School of Business remains among top 15 public programs in U.S. News rankings

GAINESVILLE, Fla. – The Heavener School of Business was ranked No. 14 among publics on U.S. News & World Report’s “2021 Best Undergraduate Business Programs” rankings released Monday, September 14. The Heavener School ranked in the No. 24 position among all U.S. undergraduate programs. It continues to be the highest-ranking undergraduate business program in the state of Florida, the No. 1 ranked state for higher education. U.S. News & World