Product Lineups: The More You Search, The Less You Find

Consumers often search for a product that matches a previously encountered option, without knowing its exact name. Whether we watch an advertisement but fail to register the product’s name, see admired others using a product but are reluctant or unable to ask for details, or briefly experience a high quality product, we often later find ourselves looking, either online or in the store, for the specific product we encountered before.

  • Shaq, Playboy and Nikola are all on the blank-check bandwagon, part of a boom in SPACs that is unsettling to Wall Street Journal reporter James Mackintosh. Mackintosh spoke with Cordell Eminent Scholar Chair Jay Ritter to get his assessment of SPACs, which offer a simpler and quicker alternative to an IPO for private companies that otherwise face prodigious amounts of paperwork to list.

    Jay Ritter

    Wall Street’s hottest financing tool makes me worry about the market

    The Wall Street Journal
  • The Latino Business Speakers Bureau recently featured Dr. Alex Sevilla, associate dean and director of the Heavener School of Business. In the past year, the Heavener School has created a new career center for UF’s undergraduate business students, developed an innovative curricular focus on career and leadership skills, expanded its programs and offerings, and increased corporate engagement and recruitment on campus.

    Learn more about Dr. Sevilla’s work at UF as well as his personal journey in this interview.

    Alex Sevilla

    Latinos in Business series highlights work of Heavener Associate Dean and Director Alex Sevilla

    Latinos in Business
  • A new research paper by Gustavo Cortes of the University of Florida and Gertjan Verdickt of Monash University suggests that the Spanish flu was a “blessing in disguise” for American life insurers.

    Gustavo Cortes

    Pandemic markets can find lessons in history

  • Documents turned over to the AP show how Venezuela is trying to skirt harsh U.S. sanctions through a financial arrangement with an asphalt company based in Thailand. Forensic accountant and Doctor of Business Administration student David P. Weber was part of the team that investigated the corruption. Read more from Weber in this story from The Washington Post.

    Road repair, compactor lays asphalt. Heavy special machines. Asphalt paver in operation. Side view. Closeup.

    To dodge sanctions Venezuela turns to Asia asphalt giant

    The Washington Post
  • The House Judiciary Committee released its Big Tech Antitrust Report on Tuesday. NTD Business News spoke with Public Utility Research Center Director and Gunter Professor Dr. Mark Jamison about the report and how the upcoming election could affect any legislation that the report anticipates.

    Mark Jamison

    Should Big Tech be broken up?

    NTD Business

Young Alumni Spotlight: Caroline Furse

Caroline Furse (MBA ’12) had spent her entire working adult life in the Navy. But when she thought about the best way to transition into a career in the civilian sector, she started to look for MBA programs that could assist her transition and help her recognize strengths she could transition into her future profession. While living in Jacksonville and reflecting on her seven years in the Navy, the University

Heavener student wins award from Executive Leadership Council for excellence in business commentary

Heavener School of Business student Jaden Baron (BSBA ’21) is among the winners of the Executive Leadership Council’s (ELC) 2020 Award for Excellence in Business Commentary. Sponsored by the Coca-Cola Foundation, the ELC Award for Excellence in Business Commentary is a scholarship program open to high achieving undergraduate Black students attending a four-year college or university. Baron, a finance major with dual minors in economics and sustainability studies, was selected

QS ranks Warrington’s Master of Science in Finance the No. 6 program in the United States

GAINESVILLE, Fla. – The William R. Hough Master of Science in Finance (MSF) program was named among the best master’s programs in finance on QS’ 2021 Master’s in Finance Rankings released Wednesday. Among the 62 programs ranked in the U.S., the University of Florida’s MSF program was named No. 6. The UF MSF program was also named the No. 4 program among public schools in the U.S., following the University