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It’s no secret that Warrington faculty are internationally renowned for their innovative research. The media looks to our scholars for insights and impactful news. See below where our faculty are featured in the news.

Jay Ritter

Initial public offerings appear likely to remain sluggish for at least several months to start 2023, while special purpose acquisition companies, which provide businesses with alternative paths to public listings, face headwinds of their own. The IPO drought could last years in a worst-case scenario, according to University of Florida professor Jay Ritter.

IPOs could be headed for a rocky road in 2023

Jay Ritter

Startups had a dismal year by nearly every measurement in 2022, from plummeting investment to scarce public listings, and data point to a 2023 that could be even more difficult. Insights from Cordell Eminent Scholar Jay Ritter inform this story about what’s to come in the 2023 IPO market.

Startups end a bruising 2022, stare down another challenging year

The Wall Street Journal
Chris Janiszewski and Felipe Affonso

Brands are constantly updating their visual identities. Intel recently went through its third visual brand identity refresh in half a century, and its new logo has iconic symmetry, balance, and proportion. The underlying geometry is apparent in the design. Could visual design characteristics influence consumers’ perceptions about the brand?

In a new Journal of Marketing article, marketing Ph.D. student Felipe Affonso and Russell Berrie Eminent Scholar Chris Janiszewski find that a sense of order and structure can reinforce claims about a brand’s utilitarian benefits.

Think before designing your logo: How marketers can capitalize on the power of perception to influence beliefs about brand performance

Journal of Marketing
Charles Robertson stands in a cap and gown with a group of other graduating students.

When Charles Roberson’s (MSE ’22) company failed in 2016, he wanted to know why. The former Hewlett Packard executive had struck out on his own, creating a business that used computer gaming technology to develop training programs for pharmaceutical manufacturing and packaging equipment. For 15 years it was successful, with a worldwide installation base. What happened?

The then 78-year-old returned to the University of Florida in 2020, 47 years after he received a bachelor’s degree in computer science, and entered a master’s program in entrepreneurship at the Warrington College of Business, intent on solving the problem of why his company failed.

Master Class: A Lifelong Learner’s Quest Continues

Growing Bolder
Jay Ritter on Yahoo! Finance

University of Florida Cordell Eminent Scholar and IPO expert Jay Ritter joins Yahoo! Finance Live to discuss the state of the IPO market, how it’s evolved in 2022, and what held many back.

IPO market has seen ‘day turn to night’ in 2022: Expert

Yahoo! Finance
Jay Ritter

Investment bankers had a rough year.

Thirty-seven operating companies went public and raised $7 billion in 2022—the lowest amount of total initial public offering proceeds since the $4.3 billion raised in 1990, according to Jay Ritter, Cordell Eminent Scholar.

IPO proceeds tanked in 2022. They haven’t been this low since 1990.

Anurag Garg, Emre Demirezen, Kutsal Dogan and Kenny Cheng.

New research from alumnus Anurag Garg (Ph.D. ’22) and Warrington’s Emre Demirezen, Kutsal Dogan and Kenny Cheng finds that despite the proliferation of platforms such as Amazon Alexa and Google Home, customers do not perceive them as valuable unless experiencing adequate levels of quality and security. This research studies the financial viability of the platform provider (like Amazon’s Alexa) and app developers, finding collaboration between these two sides plays a significant role in the profitability of all parties.

Internet of Things financial sustainability depends on quality and security

University of Kansas News
Naz Erenguc

UF MBA Director of Admissions Naz Erenguc and BluePearl Pet Hospital COO and alumnus Da Chang (MBA ’19) share insights for this story focused on if applying to only one business school is an appropriate choice for MBA applicants.

Know when to apply to only one business school

U.S. News & World Report
Jay Ritter

Some 97% of shares in the SPAC set up by Primavera Capital were redeemed, as investors asked for their capital back instead of staying on board for the merger with Lanvin. Investors overall have turned away from SPAC listings, leading to high redemption rates. Cordell Eminent Scholar Jay Ritter shares insights.

Lanvin Group shares plunged 25% in their trading debut

Jay Ritter

Research data from Cordell Eminent Scholar Jay Ritter informs this story about KKR’s SPAC, which debuted during the go-go year of 2020 ahead of increased regulatory scrutiny and tighter credit conditions.

KKR Acquisition Holding to liquidate as the latest SPAC melts down