A group of about 15 people, including students and alumni, pose for a photo in the Omani desert while holding a UF MBA and University of Florida flag.

Alumni giving back their most valuable assets – time and expertise

The generous gifts of time, talent and expertise from alumni like Bill and Carol Moss, Marty Schaffel and Rick Scarola have enabled Warrington students to thrive. Read more about the different ways in which these alumni are giving back to their alma mater to create a better future for the next generation of Warrington business leaders. 

Bill Moss (BSBA ’83, MBA ’87) and Carol Moss (MBA ’87)

Bill and Carol Moss wearing University of Florida shirts in front of a desert background in Oman

Over the course of their years working in the middle eastern country of Oman, Bill Moss (BSBA ’83, MBA ’87) and Carol Moss (MBA ’87) developed reputations for excellence in their respective careers. With Bill’s leadership overseeing all financial, supply chain and technology operations for the region at OxyChem and Carol’s role leading the country’s largest hospital as VP of nursing, the Mosses were well-positioned to work with the University of Florida’s MBA program for a Global Immersion Experience like no other. Thanks to the Mosses, UF MBA students got a first-hand look into business in Oman. 

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Rick Scarola (BSBA ’82)

Rick Scarola speaks in front of a classroom of students.

As a leader in the real estate industry for years, Rick Scarola (BSBA ’82) knows what it takes to be successful and provide value to the company he co-founded and serves as managing partner at, Covenant Capital Group. Thanks to his insights, Scarola recognized an additional learning experience that would help prepare students in the Nathan S. Collier Master of Science in Real Estate for successful careers of their own. Since the creation of Scarola’s course in partnership with Warrington, graduate real estate students have been able to apply their in-class education to a real-world setting by evaluating a real apartment complex for possible investment. 

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Marty Schaffel (BA, BSBA ’76)

After selling his ultra-successful company, Marty Schaffel (BA, BSBA ’76) decided he was ready to find a new way to share his entrepreneurial expertise. With a passion for mentorship, Schaffel found his opportunity in teaching two entrepreneurship courses at his alma mater in which he shares his own personal insights as well as those of other successful entrepreneurs and business leaders by bringing in guest speakers he has connections with across the state of Florida. 

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