Specialized master's students at Warrington

How a specialized master’s degree can strengthen your future

Are you considering applying to a specialized master’s degree? You’re not alone. Over the last few years, the Warrington College of Business has experienced an impressive growth in its applicants for our specialized master’s programs, as well as our degree types. Recently, we hosted a panel of four alumni from our master’s programs to learn about their Warrington experience, as well as their decision to pursue an advanced degree. We hosted Mitch McManaman (Master of Science in Entrepreneurship, Class of 2017), Sandra Chavez (Master of Science in Information Systems and Operations Management, Class of 2018), Nick Tharp (Master of Science in Management, Class of 2019), and Sara Londono (Master of International Business, Class of 2020).

Below, we have summarized their thoughts into three main benefits of pursuing a specialized master’s degree at Warrington. Our alumni promoted Warrington specialized master’s degree as an opportunity to:

Differentiate yourself

In the United States alone, approximately 2 million students graduate with bachelor’s degrees each year. And when the job market is tough, competition can be fierce for early-career roles. Reflecting back on their experience as job seekers, our alumni indicated that recruiters often interpreted their master’s degree as an example of “going the extra mile” to invest in their education and overall business acumen. Additionally, our alumni noted that the master’s level coaching and professional development workshops offered by the Business Career Services team proved essential for honing interview skills that set them apart from other job candidates.

Establish yourself as a subject matter expert

Specialized master’s degrees are exactly what they sound like… they’re an opportunity to specialize within a specific discipline, establishing credibility for a skill beyond what a traditional bachelor’s degree in business can provide. So whether you’re looking to dive deep into data analytics, commercial real estate, entrepreneurship, or even international business, Warrington has an advanced degree to fit your career aspirations and boost your confidence in your specific area of expertise.

Give yourself some extra time

While Mitch, Sandra, Nick and Sara all completed different specialized master’s degree programs, they did have one thing in common: they began their master’s programs either immediately upon finishing their bachelor’s degrees or even concurrently with their undergraduate coursework. For a few of them, this extra time before entering the full-time workforce proved to be extremely beneficial. Not only did it provide time for self exploration, but it also allowed them time to build a network of relationships with master’s-level classmates, which will benefit them for years to come.

Warrington currently offers 7 unique specialized master’s degrees, all of which are available on a combined basis (the potential to earn Master’s level credits while enrolled in a bachelor’s degree). If you’re interested in learning more, contact Allison Gatsche.