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5 things Warrington students are thankful for this year, despite COVID-19 disruption

The holidays are a time of giving thanks and expressing gratitude for all we have in life. While the COVID-19 pandemic has clouded our ability to see all we have to be thankful for, here at the Warrington College of Business, we still believe there is a silver lining to every challenge. To shed light on what we have to be thankful for, despite the disruption the pandemic has brought to our lives, we asked current students to share what

6 ways to advance your career search this fall

Even though students won’t experience their normal on-campus classes this fall, there are still many ways for students to advance their career search. Warrington’s Business Career Services office continues to put together engaging opportunities for students to learn more about how to get a job after graduation. Here’s how: Career appointments Warrington students still have access to appointments with their career coaches or CAP mentors. Freshmen should work virtually with a CAP mentor this semester and all other students should

UF MBA among the top-ranked programs that train well-paid consultants

GAINESVILLE, Fla. – UF MBA was named to U.S. News & World Report’s list of the top 45 MBA programs with graduates who earn the most in the consulting industry. With an average consulting salary of $113,750 in 2019, UF MBA is the No. 15 program among U.S. public schools and No. 41 program overall on the list. The U.S. News & World Report No. 10 public program also reported a $105,168 average salary among all sectors in 2019. In

Going Virtual with Business Career Services

By Craig Petrus, Director of Business Career Services The effects of COVID-19 have reshaped how the world does business. It impacts where and how we shop, where and how we spend our work day, and most importantly, how we communicate to our fellow employees and stakeholders. This epidemic has brought us from one-site, in-person meetings and office pop ins to what is now the new normal of virtual communication, programs and services. Here at the UF Warrington College of Business

Thinking outside the box when searching for internships and full-time roles

In just a few days the fall recruiting season of 2019 will officially begin. During this time, thousands of Business Gators will embark on the journey of researching, applying, and interviewing for internships and full-time roles. This year we challenge all students to think outside the box when searching for their next break. Why? Because your dream internship and career may be in a field, industry or company you never even considered. And now is the best time to discover

Are you thinking about a career pivot?

By Craig Petrus, Executive Director of Career Services, Warrington College of Business Whether you are a current student or have been in the workforce for a number of years, we all have those moments in time in which we wake up one morning and think to ourselves, “I want to do something different.” Whether it is completely changing the trajectory of your career into a different industry, function, or company, or looking inside your current company for a new challenge,

How to maximize your internship

By Katie McCarville, Associate Director – Undergraduate Career Services, Heavener School of Business Now that the semester has finally come to a close, you can hopefully take a much need break and binge all the things you’ve been saving on Netflix. Although it is the summer, don’t forget to keep some of these tips in mind in order to capitalize on your summer internship experience. 1. Never eat lunch alone…network, network, network! You have access to your entire organization’s directory

Why you need a ‘private chef’ when it comes to transforming your career

While a buffet offers lots of options, Director of Graduate Business Career Services Jason Rife explains why you’re better off with a private chef when it comes to finding the career that’s right for you. The career services experience within UF MBA is unlike that of any other full-time program. Due to the UF MBA program’s intentionally small cohort size, the Business Career Services (BCS) team can provide tailored, one-on-one attention to each student. The metaphor I like to use

Stand out to recruiters with these MBA skills

UF MBA candidates land roles after graduation across a wide range of functions and industries, and each company has different priorities when assessing candidates. However, there are a consistent set of skills that every MBA student should possess, whether he or she is pursuing roles in strategy, corporate finance, marketing, or human capital. Most companies today have more data than they know what to do with – every click on a website, every bag of apples purchased at the grocery

9 ways Warrington helped students get jobs this semester

Companies are prioritizing Warrington students from all degree backgrounds as they look for their next impactful hire. To make sure students are ready to stand out, Warrington continues to emphasize the importance of career readiness for undergraduate and post-graduate students. Here are nine ways Warrington helped students get some of the best jobs in their industries this semester: Heavener Career Week: Every year during both the fall and spring recruiting seasons, 45+ employers and 1,5000+ students attend Heavener Career Week.