Chantel Forrest poses for a photo on a windy day at the beach.

How this Master of Science in Management graduate earned consistent promotions

Chantel Forrest graduated in 2009 from the Master of Science in Management (MSM) program and today works with Otis Elevators. She looks after service, modernization and new equipment business, including sales and the field operation. Read on to see how an MSM helped Chantel in her career.

Chantel Forrest

Q: Tell us about yourself.  

Forrest: “I am from Miami, Florida. I went to undergrad at UF and obtained my bachelor’s degree in hospitality management (recreation, parks, and tourism).”

Q: Why did you join the MSM program?

Forrest: “I did not want my career to be limited to hospitality, and the MSM program would give me a more diverse business background. The job market also took a crash in 2008, the year I was expected to graduate from undergrad and the job opportunities were limited.”

Q: What are your best memories from the MSM program?

Forrest: “Some of my best memories of the MSM program were the group projects. Our class was very close, we had study group sessions, dinner together and even helped a classmate plan her wedding! Going to Ana Romero’s office quite often was some of my best memories as well, she was my career advisor and life counselor at the time.”

Q: Tell us about your journey after the MSM program so far.

Forrest: “Oh, wow! What a journey it has been. In 2009 I was hired by AT&T during the course of the MSM program, so I graduated knowing I had a career waiting for me. I was in the AT&T management program where I moved to Atlanta for a 6-month training program. I was then relocated to New York and managed the SOHO retail location. I wasn’t happy at AT&T and reached out to Ana for career advice and based upon what I was looking for she recommended Otis Elevator, and it was a perfect fit! I have been with the company since 2012. I relocated to San Diego, California as an account manager, and in 2016 I received a promotion to Senor Account Manager and relocated to Los Angeles. At the end of 2017, I received another job promotion as Sales Manager and relocated to Miami, Florida. In 2019 my role expanded to Sales Manager for South Florida. My most recent promotion was in August 2020, where I am now the General Manager for the Bahamas and Grand Cayman Islands and Sales Manager for South Florida.”

Two stacked photos of Chantel Forrest. The first holding hands with a man on The Bachelor and the second standing next to the host of The Price is Right.

Chantel on The Bachelor and The Price is Right.

Q: Tell us about your current position.

Forrest: “I oversee our service, modernization and new equipment business, including sales and the field operation. I am responsible for creating and executing our sales plan to grow the profitability of the business. I ensure my team is delivering on our business objectives and customer satisfaction meanwhile fostering a positive team building environment.”

Q: Any advice to current MSM students?

Forrest: “I cannot emphasize enough to take risks, get out of your comfort zone. It’s important to find a company/position that makes you happy. Do not sell yourself short. Build relationships with your peers, advisors and interview a lot! Even consider companies you wouldn’t normally think would be a good fit.”

Q: Tell us three cool facts about you.

Forrest: “1. I was on the reality show The Bachelor. 2. I was a contestant on The Price is Right. Unfortunately, I didn’t win the car. 3. I ran track in high school, and I am a 2X state champion in the 200-meter dash.”