Flavia Vaduva

How this veterinarian is benefitting from a Master of Science in Management

Flavia Vaduva is a Master of Science in Management alumna from 2015. She also has an undergraduate degree in animal science, minor in psychology, and her Doctor of Veterinary Medicine (DVM) degree from UF. Dr. Vaduva currently resides in Michigan, working as a small animal veterinarian and occasionally practicing shelter medicine as well.

Q: Please tell us about your background.

Dr. Vaduva: “I was born in Slobozia, Romania. I always had an affinity for science and helping animals, so in high school I began volunteering in animal shelters and working as a veterinary assistant in a clinic. My undergraduate degrees are in animal science and psychology from UF.

Q: Why did you apply for the MSM program?

Dr. Vaduva: “I chose to apply to MSM because it was highly recommended to me by a colleague. I had hoped to gain a broad understanding of management topics and develop both quantitative and qualitative business skills.”

Q: What is your best take away from the MSM program?

Dr. Vaduva: “My best takeaway from the MSM program – be involved in any program (or organization or workplace) you are a part of. Get to know people, go to activities, volunteer. It really is the best way to feel connected and enjoy what you are a part of.”

Q: What would you say to the current MSM students? Especially those coming with an undergraduate degree in life sciences or students looking for a dual degree with DVM?

Dr. Vaduva: “Try to narrow down what aspect of business management you are interested in and get more experience in that area. Whether it’s by taking extra courses or electives, joining clubs or talking with advisers or professors about that subject area, it will be greatly beneficial for your future if you have a focus area that you are most interested in.

I would absolutely recommend this program to vet students. It gives you such a great overview of the business world, which is becoming increasingly more important in the veterinary industry as more and more clinics are being owned by corporations or private equity firms.

I believe the best time is after the first round of clinics in vet school and before the second round of clinics in your fourth year. For example, I started MSM in January (spring semester of my third year of vet school) and completed it in December of the same year (the fall semester of my fourth year). 

I believe MSM was a big part of the reason I got the cool opportunity to work as a veterinary program manager very early in my professional career – thank you MSM for making that possible!”

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