Upward angle of UF MBA students in graduation robes and caps

Is a UF MBA really transformative?

At UF MBA, we talk a lot about how you’ll transform in our program. But what does that really mean, and is it really true? To help you understand our transformation process, we asked students and alumni from across our program to describe how they’ve transformed throughout their time at UF MBA. Greater confidence, enhanced professional skills, life-long friendships and broadened career outlooks are just a few of the things our graduates have gained from the UF MBA program. Read on to see everything our graduates had to say about how they’ve transformed.

Cara Bearison

Cara Bearison, BSBA ’14, MBA ’19, Weekend Professional One-Year MBA, Wyndham Destinations Business Operations Leadership Development Program

“After receiving my undergraduate degree from UF, I always planned to return to obtain my MBA from this prestigious university. I decided to enroll in the Professional MBA program which is uniquely designed to not only allow us to network and interact with our cohort on campus once a month, but also be able to continue our full-time jobs.

One of my greatest transformations was taking my learnings from my weekend on campus and directly applying them when I returned to work the next day. The program yields instant gratification by allowing students to apply and test strategies in the workplace immediately. I appreciated that over half of the curriculum was completed in teams which represented the realities of the work environment. I created lifelong friendships with my cohort of extremely professional, talented and like-minded leaders.

In addition, I had a dedicated career coach that tailored her mentoring to my career aspirations. She mapped out a comprehensive syllabus that balanced self-exploration assessments with career strategy sessions. I had the opportunity to attend career fairs, company information sessions, and even a business improv workshop.

As I reflect on my transformations during the program, I started as a retail HR Manager looking to explore a career advancement. I always challenged the “easy” or “common” way of doing things and I strived to be around high caliber business leaders to push how I think and operate. Through the support, guidance, and network provided by UF MBA, I enhanced my skills on a professional and personal level.

Following the program, I accepted a full-time career with Wyndham Destinations in their Business Operations Leadership Development Program. The UF MBA program is a complete transformation that challenges you to become a better individual in every aspect. Go Gators!”

Miki Hirama

Miki Hirama, MBA ’19, Full-Time Two-Year MBA, Delta Air Lines

“I joined the University of Florida MBA Program after four years of serving the United States as an Army Officer. In order to connect the dots between my military experience and the business world, I needed a school that would provide more than just a classroom and a professor. UF MBA provided a comprehensive system that expanded beyond the traditional academic experience. The program’s Business Career Services team provided the coaching and support that made it possible for me to tell my unique story to corporate recruiters and to develop the skills that allow me to deliver results in my new role. I’m proud to be on the path my UF experience set me on as an MBA Finance Leadership Development Program Associate at Delta Air Lines.”

Kim-My Lac

Kim-My Lac, BA ’10, MBA ’18, Weekend Professional Two-Year MBA, Blue Shield of California Shield Emerging Leaders

 “After achieving a master’s in social work from UCF in 2012 and becoming a licensed clinical social worker, I wanted to continue challenging myself and seek opportunities that would help me further my career aspirations. A few friends had graduated from the UF MBA program and spoke highly of their experiences and achievements post-graduation. Their testimonials pushed me to apply to the Professional MBA program with the knowledge that I would have a strong support system within the UF MBA office and faculty to help achieve my goals.

In a professional capacity, having an MBA along with my Master of Social Work has allowed me to showcase how a skillset in understanding human behavior and mental health can be a valuable asset in a corporate setting. I found myself using various tactics I use in counseling to develop stronger relationships with my peers, identify the strengths of my teammates and organize a plan to achieve a common and agreed upon goal.

With the help of Business Career Services (BCS), I was able to revise and reorganize my resume to highlight my experiences and accomplishments throughout my professional career as a licensed clinical social worker. A goal I had set for myself at the beginning of the program was to find a job that would allow me to relocate to the West Coast, specifically San Francisco. The UF MBA experience helped me achieve that objective with an offer at Blue Shield of California’s Leadership Development Program headquartered in San Francisco, and I am excited for these new experiences and how my professional development will progress from this life-changing opportunity.

Beyond how I was able to transform my career, learning to balance a course load in the Professional MBA program while working full-time as a mental health counselor reinforced time management skill and strengthened my capability to prioritize tasks and obligations. I also found a new sense of confidence in my leadership skills. The UF MBA program pushed me out of my comfort zone in terms of developing a stronger voice about my opinions or presenting ideas while working in a team. As a mental health counselor, utilizing active listening skills and communication skills are paramount to the success of client’s treatment and applying those skills helped with juggling different personalities and practicing conflict resolution within a team environment. The UF MBA experience fulfilled its promise of a ‘Transformation Guaranteed’ with a change in confidence in myself and career path that I am headed for.”

Veronica May

Veronica May, MBA ’19, Weekend Professional Two-Year in South Florida MBA, Physician Relations Manager, Wellington Regional Medical Center

 “When I began my MBA program at the University of Florida’s South Florida MBA program in 2017, I never would have imagined how the program’s course work, as well as my interactions with faculty and fellow students, would change not only how I interact with the C-suite at my hospital, but it even has had an impact on my personal life. What started as a simple plan to earn an advanced degree to help guide me into the next stages of my career has turned into a foundation of knowledge and skills that will last a lifetime. Like a lot of people who start an MBA program who do not have a business undergraduate degree, I was concerned with struggling through classes like economics and finance. However, the professors in the program were able to take these complex topics and present them in a manner that turned my fears into topics I thoroughly enjoy. The curriculum was challenging, but in the end, I have transformed because of it. The program has changed the way I think, problem solve and manage challenges. It turns out, enrolling into the UF South Florida MBA program was the best decision I have made.”

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