Young Black woman wearing commencement regalia stands during a graduation ceremony.

UF MBA sets new program highs in placement

Students graduating from the UF MBA Full-Time program in May 2021 set new career placement records for the program.

Placement rates for students accepting jobs at graduation (91.3%) and accepting jobs within three months of graduation (97.8%) are the highest numbers produced by UF MBA. In addition, 100% of students in the program received offers within three months of graduation.

Average median salary and signing bonus also held strong in the Full-Time MBA Class of 2021. Of students who graduated in May, the median salary was $110,000 with a median signing bonus of $20,000. The top industries these graduates accepted jobs in are Technology (18%), Retail (16%), Consumer Packaged Goods (13%) and Financial services (13%).

Here’s a look at the top functions that graduates will work in:

What’s the reasoning behind the continued increase of UF MBA’s placement rates? Director of Graduate Business Career Services Carly Escue points to three significant areas of impact.

Like many classes before them, the Full-Time MBA Class of 2021 was characterized by three distinct characteristics. UF MBA students are:

  1. Disciplined

UF MBA students possess an almost unmatched work ethic. When it comes to working toward career goals in our program, going the extra mile is the rule, not the exception. I am always amazed by how early and often our students engage with Business Career Services in pursuit of their post-graduation dream.

  1. Proactive

Gator MBAs don’t wait for opportunity to knock on their door. They go out and find it. Whether they’re calling on our loyal alumni network, or simply reaching out to contacts at new employers, students rarely leave stones unturned during their job and internship search.  

  1. Adaptable

If the COVID-19 pandemic has taught us anything, it’s that the world as you know it, may not always be as you know it. UF MBAs pursue their goals with fervor, while also monitoring dynamic market trends. They don’t hesitate to hear out new opportunities that may prove to be a great match for their skills and experience.

These three characteristics are both intrinsic to candidates who we recruit into our Full-Time MBA program, and they are also reinforced by their Career Coach and larger Business Career Services team. The Class of 2021 stood out as an especially strong example of these traits, and we look forward to another strong year of employment outcomes with the Class of 2022.

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