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David Starr

David Starr (BSMP ’16, MSE ’17) | July 2023

Starr (BSMP ’16, MSE ’17) moved to New York upon graduating, where he worked for The Wall Street Journal, NBC and Business Insider. He is also the founder of VELT (, a cognitive health brand for hard-working professionals. VELT’s flagship

Erin Crawford

Erin Crawford (MBA ’09) | July 2023

Crawford (MBA ’09) has joined Calder Associates as vice president for M&A Advisory Services. In her role, Crawford works strategically with other entities providing business analysis for strategic acquisitions. A highly awarded professional in the M&A industry, Crawford has over

Alison Rand

Alison Rand (BSAc ’90) | July 2023

Rand (BSAc ’90) has been appointed to the boards of Regions Financial Corp. and its subsidiary, Regions Bank. Upon joining the Regions Boards, Rand will serve on the Technology Committee. An experienced corporate executive, Rand has served as Executive Vice President

Jason W. Smith

Jason Smith (BSBA ’97, MBA ’02) | July 2023

Smith (BSBA ’97, MBA ’02) is the head of Dealer Commercial Services for Truist. In his role, Smith provides thought leadership, and client-focused and value-adding solutions to new franchised automotive dealership groups. He is responsible for the strategy and oversight

Outline of a hand placing a rose down in front of a single candle.

In Memoriam | June 2023

Peter Pruitt | BSBA ’54 | 1932-2023 | Pruitt, of Vero Beach, Florida, passed on May 20. He attended Harvard’s management program after completing his education at UF. Once he graduated, he served in the military on active duty and

Gary Fechter

Gary Fechter (BSBA ’89) | July 2023

Fechter (BSBA ’89) is currently celebrating his 10th anniversary with Wegmans Food Markets. He is now the SVP Regional Manager, overseeing operations of Wegmans in Pennsylvania and Delaware. Ranking #4, Wegmans is the only retailer in the top 20 of

Brent Adamson

Brent Adamson (BSBA ’83) | July 2023

Adamson (BSBA ’83) was hired by Vault Medical Records as Senior Account Executive in 2021. Vault Medical Records is an electronic health record system designed exclusively for post-acute care. Connect with him on LinkedIn.  

Xavier Heredia

Xavier Heredia (BSBA ’15) | July 2023

Heredia (BSBA ’15) is currently the Senior Account Manager for AWS Startup Fintech. He recently spoke with Forbes Ecuador about his professional career.  Read more at Forbes.  Connect with him on LinkedIn. 

Matthew S Francis

Matthew S. Francis (BSBA ’08) | July 2023

Francis (BSBA ’08) recently became a shareholder at the Fergeson Skipper law firm of Sarasota. This appointment reflects his outstanding contributions to the firm’s growth and his dedication to providing exceptional counsel. His areas of practice include litigation and dispute

John Medina

John Medina (MBA ’98) | July 2023

Medina (MBA ’98) was recently appointed to the Florida Gateway College District Board of Trustees by Florida Governor Ron DeSantis. Medina is currently the President and Chief Executive Officer of First Federal Bank. He is also a veteran of the