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Nick Banks

Nick Banks (BSBA ’90) | February 2024

Banks (BSBA 1990) was recently named CEO of Concept Companies.  Banks is a 30-year veteran in the commercial real estate industry. Much of his career has been spent as the CEO of Front Street Commercial Real Estate Group which he

Kyle Sammons

Kyle Sammons (BS ’18, MS-ISOM ’20) | February 2024

Kyle Sammons (BS 2018, MS-ISOM 2020) has co-created a new athleisure brand: Fringe the Label. Born from a dream on the Ocala Muni course, Sammons used his education in biology and business to develop sustainably sourced clothing, wearable on and

Michelle Lowe

Michelle Lowe (BSBA ’07) | February 2024

Lowe (BSBA 2007) was recently named a Steward of the Keys by the Florida Keys and Key West. Lowe is one of the Florida Keys’ best-known artists, who paints colorfully whimsical and expressive wide-eyed marine life, wild birds and multi-hued flora

Kevin Bumatay

Kevin Bumatay (BSBA ’02) | February 2024

Bumatay (BSBA 2002) recently joined the board of The Pathfinder Network, which provides programs and services for incarcerated individuals through the Oregon Department of Corrections and for parents, children, and families in the community, as its treasurer.  Bumatay started his

Steven Solomon

Steven Solomon (BSAc ’88) | January 2024

Solomon (BSAc 1988) has been appointed chair of the board of the Miami Lighthouse for the Blind and Visually Impaired, the oldest and largest private agency serving the blind in Florida. Solomon is also chair of the bankruptcy section and

Sumit Dhawan

Sumit Dhawan (MBA ’03) | January 2024

Dhawan (MBA 2003) was appointed Chief Executive Officer at Proofpoint, Inc., a leading cybersecurity and compliance company. Dhawan is a highly respected and seasoned technology leader with a proven track record of building market-leading security, cloud, and end-user computing businesses.

Mario Herane

Mario Herane (MBA ’13) | January 2024

Herane (MBA 2013) is Vice President of Global Affairs and Development at Universidad Mayor in Chile and the U.S. He recently wrote an article on balancing AI innovation and ethics in education. Read the article from the Higher Education Digest. 

David Habib stands in a warehouse with an American flag behind him.

David Habib (BSBA ’14, MIB ’15) | January 2024

Habib (BSBA 2014, MIB 2015) was featured on the cover of the January 2024 Tampa Bay Business & Wealth magazine. Habib is the Founder & CEO of Yo Mama’s Foods. Read more about Habib in the story from Tampa Bay

Class Notes - General

Christie Renaker (BSAc ’22) | January 2024

Christie Renaker (BSAc 2022) has been promoted to Tax Manager at James Moore’s office in Ocala, Florida. The business consulting firm specializes in providing tax, auditing, accounting and controllership, data analytics, human resources, technology and wealth management services to clients

Amy Williams

Amy Williams (BSAc ’94, MAcc ’94) | January 2024

Amy Williams (BSAc 1994, MAcc 1994) has been promoted to Senior A&A Manager at James Moore’s office in Daytona Beach, Florida. William’s responsibilities at James Moore include coordinating and supervising audit engagements, planning and performing audit work, working with clients