Xavier Balerdi, Sandra Rayo Orozco, Mikaela Medeiros, Vladimir Charles, Alyssa Forbess and Nicole Howe pose for a photo in their UF MBA blue polos.
UF MBA Full-Time students have the opportunity to get to know their classmates thanks to the program's small cohorts. Pictured here, from left, recent UF MBA graduates Xavier Balerdi, Sandra Rayo Orozco, Mikaela Medeiros, Vladimir Charles, Alyssa Forbess and Nicole Howe.

6 reasons why UF MBA is different

When it comes to choosing an MBA program, there’s no shortage of options. In the United States alone, there are more than 1,000 MBA programs. So why, out of the programs available, should you consider the University of Florida Warrington College of Business as the place to earn your MBA?

At Warrington’s UF MBA, there’s one major differentiator – we make the MBA experience personal. To us, you’re not just another face in the lecture hall. Our faculty, staff and your fellow classmates will know your name and won’t forget it after you graduate. The UF MBA program is built around helping you achieve your personal and professional goals.

Read on to see the 6 ways UF MBA makes the business education experience personalized to you. 

A man stands at the front of a classroom with students in the foreground

Egbert R. Beall/Beall’s Department Stores, Inc. Faculty Fellow Dr. Alan Cooke in class with UF MBA students. Dr. Cooke teaches Consumer Relationship Management, a popular UF MBA elective.

1. Small cohorts

A simple way that UF MBA makes the experience personal? Keeping the cohorts small. With fewer people in each new class, you get more attention from faculty, staff, career services and your fellow classmates. Our small cohorts form tightknit bonds that last long after you leave the University of Florida, giving you a strong network to rely on as you continue on your career journey.

2. Choose the level of flexibility you need

At Warrington’s UF MBA, the choice is yours. Do you want to continue working while earning your degree, or would you rather fully immerse yourself in the Business Gator experience by moving to one of America’s top ranked college towns? Whichever choice is right for you, UF MBA has a program format that will meet your needs. With 9 program formats, from Full-Time to Executive to Online to Weekend Professional, we can help you define what MBA experience is your best fit.   

Group of about 15 people posing for a photo on a staircase in Hough Hall.

Warrington’s Business Career Services team works with each of our students on an individualistic basis in order to ensure they are seeking the right career that will provide them with future success and fulfillment.

3. Access to faculty

Warrington faculty members, regardless of whether you’re earning your degree on campus or from somewhere else in the world, are available to you. From set office hours to informal in-person or online chats, UF MBA faculty are there to help lay your academic business foundation. And the small cohorts we mentioned earlier? That also means you get more face time with the people who will teach you what you need to know to advance your business acumen.

4. Passionate staff

The faculty aren’t the only ones at UF MBA who go above and beyond to help you. The UF MBA program staff are available to assist you with a range of services. Need help with the admissions process, financial aid, academic advising or professional development? There’s a dedicated team of UF MBA staff who are ready to help you make the most of your MBA experience.

Seven UF MBA students on stage in front of a large crowd at Transformation Weekend

UF MBA students practiced their business improv skills on stage during Transformation Weekend, a professional development event.

5. Dedicated career services team

UF MBA prides itself on being the No. 1 ranked program for career services. We wouldn’t be able to achieve that ranking and help prepare you for your career without the efforts of our career services staff. The Warrington Business Career Services team’s philosophy is built on a personal and individualized approach. Not only will your career coach take the time to get to know you and what you want in your future career, they do so from the very beginning of your time in the UF MBA program and see you through the career search process.

6. Ample professional development

The UF MBA experience is about more than just academics. We know that so much of what you learn is outside of the classroom and are committed to providing you with various professional development opportunities. From bringing in renowned business and leadership speakers to networking events to experiential learning programming, UF MBA can help you gain and refine the additional skills you need to be successful in your career. 

Want to connect with someone about which UF MBA experience best fits your needs? Schedule a call with our admissions staff today!