close up of a putter hitting a golf ball with the UF MBA logo in the top left corner and UF MBA Golf & Greet at Topgolf to the right

7 reasons why you should attend the UF MBA Golf & Greet at Topgolf

If you’ve been thinking about pursuing an MBA, you know there’s a lot for you to consider and even more questions that you want answered before you decide which program is right for you. UF MBA’s Golf & Greet at Topgolf is the perfect event for you to get your questions answered, learn about the UF MBA application process, the UF MBA experience, what makes our programs transformational and a chance to practice your swing! Check out the top seven reasons why you should attend one of the UF MBA Golf & Greet at Topgolf events in Jacksonville, Tampa, Orlando or Miami.

  1. Transform your career and yourself

UF MBA prides itself on enabling transformation, no matter what that looks like for you. For some, it might be about jumpstarting a career change. For others, it might be about growing their expertise in a field they already work in and love. Whatever your goal is, UF MBA is strategically designed to help you succeed.

  1. Learn what you should look for in an MBA program

If you’re just starting on your MBA journey, the UF MBA Golf & Greet is a great setting for you to learn about what types of things you should be looking for in an MBA program. This informal setting is a fun way to get familiar with the kinds of resources, services and formats that make an MBA program one that will help you accomplish your goals.

  1. Discover which program option is best for you

UF MBA offers 10 program options, ensuring there is one that will meet your needs. Whether you are a professional looking to keep your job while pursuing an MBA, an executive looking to learn among peer business leaders, someone who’s interested in pursuing your MBA online while remaining in your current location, or even an individual looking to make the move to Gainesville to deepen your business experience, UF MBA has a program for you.

  1. Build important connections early

At the UF MBA Golf & Greet, you’ll have the opportunity to meet with admissions officers, current students and others like you interested in transforming their career with an MBA. You already know the importance of networking, so why not get a jumpstart and meet some of the people who will have your back during your next educational experience?

  1. Get all of your burning questions answered

Making the decision to pursue an MBA isn’t an easy one, but UF MBA is here to help ease the burden by answering any questions you have. No matter what step you’re at in the process, from just thinking about an MBA to submitting your application, the UF MBA team will be at the Golf & Greet to help you gather all of the information you need before the application deadline.

  1. Network with your peers

The UF MBA Golf & Greet at Topgolf is also a perfect opportunity to meet other prospective students that are interested in pursuing an MBA. These like-minded and experienced individuals will be the foundation of your network and the people you’ll make lifelong connections with. Meet them at the Golf & Greet, and start building your UF MBA network now.

  1. Practice your swing!

For people in lots of different careers and industries, the golf course can sometimes be a better location for success than the board room. Why not get in some practice swings while enjoying snacks, beverages and networking with potential classmates, colleagues and friends? Come to the UF MBA Golf & Greet event to get a leg up on the competition, both in your career and on the course.

If you haven’t already registered for one of our Golf & Greet at Topgolf events throughout the state, there’s still time! Check out our upcoming events in Jacksonville, Tampa, Orlando and Miami. It’ll be a time you won’t FORE-get!