Emma Magee sits in the engine of an airplane

After the Master of Science in Management: Life at JetBlue

By: Emma Magee, BSPR ’18, MSM ’19

My journey through college took me to new places, career choices and new heights. As a recent Master of Science in Management (MSM) graduate, I knew that I was prepared to take the next step in my career thanks to the undeniable preparation, knowledge and skills that I gained throughout the program.

I am currently placed in the corporate communications department of JetBlue Airways in Long Island City, New York, as part of a year-long internship program. My traditional public relations background, in tandem with my MSM degree, led me to the perfect opportunity to debut my skills and knowledge at an exciting company in one of my favorite places! My job primarily consists of newsgathering, maintaining media relations with journalists and news outlets, as well as scouting and assisting with internal/external press opportunities. I never would have thought I would love a job like I do at JetBlue, and I have to give credit to the MSM program for providing me with resources in order to achieve this position.

One of the most valuable experiences I had throughout the program was the interview prep sessions. Being able to practice interview questions, enhance my resume and find ways to make my application stand out were just a few of the many resources the program extends. If not for this prep work, I never would have been able to navigate a two hour Skype interview, or answer technical questions, as well as I did. My undergraduate experience gave me public relations, marketing and writing experience, however it was my MSM journey that truly allowed me to grow both personally and professionally in other areas that were not touched on.

Aside from the career advice and advancement opportunities, this program allows for collaborations with peers, professors and professionals. One of my favorite Warrington memories will always be the peers I met along the way. The classmates in your cohort will become some of your closest friends, industry colleagues and sometimes even coworkers. Investing in the people around you is just as important as the resources and opportunities the program provides. I can honestly say there are many people to thank for not only guiding me through the program, but toward my career as well.

I always knew I wanted to work for large corporation, and I decided to pursue the MSM degree to increase my likelihood of attaining that goal. I can honestly say that the payoffs are tremendous. Not only am I a more competitive applicant during the job search, but a knowledgeable employee who is able to perform at a higher level, is granted a higher salary, and overall is able to understand the industry at large in a way that executives and leaders notice. To anyone considering this degree, I highly encourage you to go to an information session, ask question, and consider your future. The College of Journalism and Communications prepared me for my job, but the MSM program is what prepared me for my career.

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