The Business Career Services team poses for a photo in front of the Gator Ubiquity Statue

Business Career Services expands to Heavener School

The Heavener School is taking the next step to ensure positive career outcomes for students. The Business Career Services office expanded at the start of the fall 2017 semester to offer dedicated programs and services for Heavener students in order to assist them in reaching their career goals.

All undergraduate business students have access to a specifically designed career journey, which allows them to engage with the Business Career Services office and their dedicated team of Career Coaches and CAP Mentors (Career & Academic Peer Mentors) throughout their time at the Heavener School. Through the five-step process of explore, prepare, strategize, experience and connect, Heavener students will stay on an intentional career track in order to secure an internship and graduate with a full-time job, helping them become impactful Business Gators in the real world.

“Our goal is for students to walk away from Business Career Services with confidence, knowing that our team of career coaching experts has prepared them to face the real world,” said Craig Petrus, Executive Director of Business Career Services. “When they leave the Heavener School of Business, we want them to be career ready, possess the tools in which to make a significant impact on the business community over time, and have a strong desire to come back and share their career experiences with fellow students.”

The expansion of Business Career Services also benefits companies and those recruiters looking to hire from the Heavener School. The Warrington campus now offers 26 classrooms for hosting company information sessions and special events, along with 33 breakout rooms for companies to conduct on-campus interviews.

The Business Career Services team works extensively with recruiters and hiring managers to provide unique recruiting experiences through on-campus activities such as company information sessions, tabling events, company office hours, company sponsored career and professional development workshops and events, and many other student-focused activities, making them more likely to frequent the Warrington College of Business campus for their talent acquisition needs.

“Overall, Business Career Services has become a one-stop shop for both our business students and those companies that wish to recruit them,” Petrus said. “It is a very exciting time to be a Heavener School of Business student.”

With over 5,500 students at the Heavener School, Business Career Services has created a positive career and professional development experience that will result in significant career outcomes for our students and ensure they head into the workforce ready to make an impact.