Fire Neural Network won the 2022 Big Idea Competition.

Fire Neural Network wins 2022 Big Idea Competition

Fire Neural Network won first place in the 2022 Big Idea Competition. Fire Neural Network uses AI to quickly and accurately locate lightning-initiated wildfires, reducing detection times from 24 hours to 40 seconds and locating ignition points within 40 meters instead of kilometers.

The company is made up of CEO Dr. Istvan Kereszy, COO Tamas Kereszy, Economics and Marketing Manager Caroline E. Comeau, UF physics professor and CTO Dr. Imre Bartos, as well as wildfire analyst John W. Kern.

“The Big Idea Competition was an awesome opportunity to receive feedback from a diverse set of business professionals, answer thought provoking questions and get to know interesting people,” Istvan Kereszy said. “We are passionate about stopping wildfires globally, and it was wonderful to see that the judges got engaged as well.”

Winning the competition comes with a $25,000 prize, and Fire Neural Network also received another $5,000 as the best technology venture. The $30,000 earned in the competition is especially important as Fire Neural Network aims to patent its AI technology.

Presented by the UF Entrepreneurship and Innovation Center in the Warrington College of Business, the Big Idea Competition is a four-month event designed to help students grow their business ideas with a chance to win more than $50,000 in prizes.

Check out all of the winners from the 2022 Big Idea Competition below.

First place ($25,000): Fire Neural Network; team leader Istvan Kereszy.

Second place ($10,000): Play N Seekh; team leader Salima Bhanvadia.

Third place ($5,000): Eufinity; team leader Aashi Faldu.

Fourth place ($1,000): Flo-Fly; team leader David Jackson.

Special Award Winners

Best Technology Venture ($5,000): Fire Neural Network; team leader Istvan Kereszy.

Best Leverage Blockchain ($5,000): Limesicle; team leader Rithik Raja, and KapTip; team leader Magdalena Lowisz.

Social Impact Award ($1,000): Purposed Studios, Inc.; team leader Wanda Baez Prieto.

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